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I Need Help

Posted by , 16 October 2013 · 549 views

The last year I lost 50 pounds I had been dieting and excersing. I had noticed before loosing weight I would have problems when we went out to eat I had to always rush to the bathroom afterwards. I put two and two together and fiqured out maybe I was gluten intolerant. When I ate breads or pastas I would have really bad cramps and have to rush to the bathroom, my stomach would blow up like a balloon. If i ate a sandwich for lunch my stomach would make this terrible noise and I am a dental hygienist so it was really embarrassing. One day I was asked if i was pregnant because all my weight is in my belly and when i would eat those things I looked pregnant. So I was tired of everyone asking me and I decided to loose weight and cut out the Gluten. SO I have been bad at times and every once in a while eat a piece of bread and then I would pay for it if I ate too much. I recently went to the doctor and they checked to see if I had celiac but the test came back negative even the gene test said I could not have it, When I eat breads or anything with gluten in it I feel like a shock goes across my chest and my heart races and I have to use the bathroom and I feel terrible. I did not know until recently that i was eating chips with gluten in it but everytime I would eat the chips my throat would close up same thing with rice Krispy treats. THey tell me that my symptoms are anxiety but non of the anxiety meds help. I also have Gerd. I am so confused I dont know what to do. I want to eat breads again but i am scared it will make me sick so I stay away.

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You could have NCGI (non celiac gluten intolerence) It presents very similar to celaic.


However, I'm thinking you might have an allergy to it.

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