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If You Have An Intolerance To Lactose, Soy Can You Develop A Gluten Intolerance.

Posted by , 21 January 2014 · 1,083 views

I started off with a lactose intolerance( not diagnosised by doctor) But every time I eat or get any dairy or soy into my system I get very sick!!! Nausea, diaherra, Pain in stomach sometimes on a scale of 1 to 10 is a 9, weight loss (some), bloating, weakness, tiredness and dizziness. I asked my doctor if it was a lactose Intolerance they said sounds like it!! That was it, no tests, nothing. stay away from dairy of all kinds so I did and no soy because I get the same reaction. Then I started to get the same symptoms again even without all that. I then decided to cut out gluten II started to see an improvement. Now if I do not eat the Lactose, soy or gluten I am fine, but if I happen to mess up or not know that those are in the food I get the same reaction back. VERY SICK!!!! At first it was just the lactose that made me so sick now the gluten is making me just as sick. My reaction to both is just as bad. I am having a hard time functioning with this. it is effecting my life now!!! my question is can you develop gluten intolerance after you already have lactose intolerance? because the lactose came first with me ... thank you for listening...

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Welcome to the forum, KBMC!  If you post this post as a new forum topic you will probably get more replies because the blogs aren't as visible to everyone.  


A lot of celiacs cannot handle dairy and sometimes other foods, because celiac disease damages the intestinal lining, causing overall havoc.  So you haven't been tested at all for celiac disease?  Overall if being gluten, dairy and soy free makes you feel better then definitely do it.  It is quite likely that you actually have celiac disease, and the food intolerances came along as the intestinal damage got worse.  Without testing, there is no way to prove that, and you can't be properly tested if you are not currently eating a gluten-filled diet.   But if you eat a very strict gluten-free diet, after a while you may be able to add dairy or soy back into your diet and be able to tolerate it once your gut has healed up.

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