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Posted by , 20 May 2008 · 87 views

Ok, I must confess that before I "left" the ex unbeknowingst to him as he slept, before gathering up my gluten free food, I spied his laundry I'd folded sitting there. I took his favorite (You know how guys get really attached to things) t-shirt from his trip to Italy and I took a Sharpie and wrote something on the back (he is always in a hurry getting dressed and never looks in the mirror, and probably won't notice). It says something about him being...a liar and stuff. Couldn't resist. Cool Sharpie commercial, no?

As far as my newly single life, the professor is really nice. (I know men hate to be in that category, sorry). There are a couple guys I've given my # to. And NOT my golf instructor who asked me out after the last lesson! ugh!
We all know how difficult it is for me (and many women) to have "chemistry". I call it being "drawn to" a man. Well, I got one!
Makes me Melt. Seriously. MMMMmmmm. He's smart. Cute smile. Nice skin. I'm a sucker for a great voice. And his IS. Smooth and sophisticated. He is a good listener. Well groomed. And we know I don't like skinny guys. at. all. He is average looking from the front, and killer from the back. He is Buff. He has that V shaped back that narrows to a little waist. Not skinny, still thick. And below that...the way he looks in those jeans. Yeah. U got it. Well, I gotta say, I actually kissed him on the first date. New for me. But, nice. Very nice. We'll call him Ranger, like from the Janet Evanovich Stephanie Plum books.
So, after a few dates, I'm going to Ranger's house 2nite. (You know my place --aka the 'bat cave' ((think secret, as in batman)) is off limits to men until they earn the privilege.)
So, I'm ready to go melt away some stress
Update to "Summer SLump" ....My grandma suddenly got dx with an inoperable tumor. 6 mos. to live. Explains how she's been acting. Just like last summer, I'm planning a visit soon.

Guilty Gluten Free pleasure lately....gluten-free Glutino Pretzels dipped in Pillsbury frosting. Funny how I HATED frosting as a kid (I don't even drink soda cuz it's too sugary) that I used to eat cake inverted and leave the frosting on the plate. My mom used to leave a row unfrosted for me in the rectangular pan cakes. Funny how things change as the diet narrows like an upside down pyramid and you're choices are less

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