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Gf Birthday

Posted by , 26 July 2005 · 170 views

Family & Friends
Today is my birthday! I am very fortunate to work with some great people. We have a potluck once a month for everyone on my team whose birthday is that month. We only have 10 people, so it's a manageable thing.Well, this month they had the potluck last week. And they decided to make it a gluten-free potluck. Isn't that kind? I hate to be the center of attention and I hate for the diet to be a burden to other people, but they insisted. They ran their ideas by me and they scoured ingredient lists. In the end, we had a fabulous buffet of delights. Everyone was amazed how good their own food was and how they didn't feel deprived at all. See? I told them so!To cap it off, my co-worker brought in the best piece of all: A delicious chocolate-raspberry gluten-free cake. Oh my gosh it was so good I couldn't believe it. Three layers of chocolate with raspberry preserves between them and chocolate icing. Chilled to perfection.My boss made the best comment of the day... "Wow, it takes like cake."Um, yeah. Because it IS cake. It just doesn't have the kind of flour you're used to in it! It turned out to be a great potluck after all.And tonight? Probably dinner from a gluten-free menu at a local Cuban restaurant. I can't wait!

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That was very sweet for your coworkers to do that...and to even go to the trouble of finding a gluten-free cake recipe and buying special flour...Wow!
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That's AWESOME! I hope that I get a job surrounded by understanding people like the ones you work with! I bet that just made your whole birthday month!
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