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The End Is In Sight!

Posted by , 01 June 2007 · 159 views

Ok, I havenít updated for quite awhile. Been waiting for the results and dates and tests and so on. Finally today I received the pre-booking info and that is all I needed.

I am scheduled for surgery the end of June, still going in blind as far as whether or not it is an ovary, no one wants to commit to it until they open me up and take a look.

You know itís sad that one doctor wants to protect another - when they donít even know each other. All they need to do is look back on the MRI, the CTScan, or the Ultrasound results and study it a bit and come up with an answer. I think Iíd rather think it was an ovary than not knowing at all and having the doctors stumped isinít comforting either :D

Well I guess time will tell, Iím looking forward to getting it done, getting the recovery past me and getting on with my life! I mean come on, itís only been 20 odd years that I havenít been myself :lol: Pain free WOW!!! I canít imagineÖ

Maybe now Iíll be able to concentrate on cooking. (doubtful)

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