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Dietician Visit

Posted by , 29 April 2007 · 177 views

Another milestone in the journey into celiac world...

Last week I visited the dietician as part of my post-diagnosis follow-up. (I was diagnosed on 4/6 of this year.)

I was lucky. The dietician didn't know a thing about celiac. I knew more than she did just by doing research on this site and others and by shopping a couple of times for gluten-free food. The reason I was lucky was that she had a student dietician who just happened to be working with her today who was also a celiac! Dumb luck, but how great! It would have been a totally wasted trip otherwise. The student was obviously 'green' but she gave good advice and shared her experiences as a celiac. I'm not sure how long it's been since she was diagnosed, but she said it took 7 years for them to figure out what was wrong with her. She offered to email me information that they didn't have available at the clinic. I'm so glad she was there.

My advice to the newly diagnosed...if you have a dietician appointment, make sure it's with someone who specializes in celiac diets (or is at least familiar with them.) And, call your insurance co. ahead of time to see if they'll cover the visit. Not all companies do.

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