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Unsafe Additives & Ingredients

Posted by , 24 July 2005 · 417 views

Unsafe Additives & Ingredients Abyssinian Hard (Wheat Triticum duran)Acidophilus milkAlcohol (Spirits - Specific Types)Artificial Butter flavorAspartame (can cause IBS symptoms -Irritable Bowel Syndrome)Avena Baking Powder (verify ingredients) Baking Soda (verify ingredients) BarleyBarley maltBarley Hordeum vulgareBeerBleached All-purpose FlourBouillon cubes or powderBranBulgur (Bulgur Wheat/Nuts)ButterButter fatButter flavoringButter oilButtermilkBranBroth prepackagedBulgurCalcium Caseinate Caramel Color**** see below CaseinCaseinatesCheeseCheeses (hard and soft)Cereal extractCereal BindingChiltonChorizo (read label)Coffee creamer substitute (grain based)Cottage CheeseCouscousCracker mealCreamCream CheeseCream YogurtCroutonsCustardCurdsDelactosed wheyDemineralized wheyDextrin**** see belowDurumEdible StarchEinkorn WheatFarinaFillerNONE of the following Flours:Barley flourBleached All-Purpose FlourBread FlourBrown Flour Durum flour Enriched Flour Gluten FlourGraham FlourGranary FlourHigh protein FlourHigh Gluten FlourHigh Protein FlourOat FlourWheat FlourWhite FlourWhole-Meal Flour Fu (dried wheat gluten )GalactoseGerm Glutamate (Free)Glutamic Acid Gravy Cubes **** see belowGravy mixes (unless homemade with cornstarch) Ground Spices (some contain gluten)Gum BaseHalf & HalfHard WheatHerbs with wheat fillersHydrolysates:caseinmilk proteinwheywhey proteinHordeumHydrolyzed oat starchHydrolyzed Plant Protein (HPP) Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein HVPJob's Tears (aka Pearl Barley) Kamut (Pasta wheat) Please Make Note:Lactic acid is found naturally in sour milk but also commercially producedfrom whey, cornstarch, potatoes and molasses.Therefore, if listed on a product as an ingredient, you must verify it'ssource. LactoglobulinLactoseLactalbuminLactalbumin phosphateSodium lactylate (may or may not contain casein)Lacto globulinLactoseLactuloseMagnesium caseinateMalt Milk ProteinIngredients which may contain milk protein flavorings: Caramel coloring Brown sugar flavoringBavarian cream flavoringCoconut cream flavoringNatural chocolate flavoring NO Milk & the following milk products:Milk derivatives: Milk powderMilk solidsMalted milkCondensed milkEvaporated milkDry milkWhole milkLow fat milk fatNonfat milkSkim milkGoat's milk Milk cheese lactoseNon-dairy creamer butterPuddingRennet caseinSour CreamSour cream solidsSour milk solidsWhey in all forms(including sweet, delactosed, protein concentrate)YogurtCheck Margarines (some are dairy free)A "D" on a label next to "K" or "U" indicates presence of milk proteinMaltMalt ExtractMalt SyrupMalt FlavoringMalt Vinegar Miso**** see belowModified Food Starch (source is either corn or wheat)MSG (Made outside USA)**** see belowMustard Powder (some contain gluten)OatsPastaPearl Barley Potassium CaseinateRice Malt (contains barley or Koji)Rice Syrup (unless specified gluten-free it contains barley enzymes)RyeRye SemolinaSauce mixes (read labels carefully, often contain wheat)Seitan SemolinaSemolina TriticumScotchShoyu (soy sauce)**** see belowSmall SpeltSoba NoodlesSodium Caseinate (contains MSG)Sodium lactylate (may or may not contain casein)Soy sauce (unless specified gluten-free)Spirits (Specific Types)SpeltSpelt Triticum speltaSpices with wheat fillersStarch (outside USA)StativaStock Cubes (many contain GLUTEN)Strong FlourSuet in PacketsSulfites****see belowTeriyaki SauceTriticalTriticale X triticosecaleTriticumHard TriticumUdon ( wheat noodles)Vegetable StarchVital GlutenVitamins (some contain gluten) VulgarWheat Wheat branWheat Durum TriticumWheat germWheat glutenHard Wheat Wheat maltWheat NutsWheat OatsWheat PastaWheat starchWheat Triticum aestivumWheat Triticum mononoccumWhole Wheat BerriesThe following labeled ingredients may indicate the presence of wheat protein:Gelatinized starchNatural flavoringHydrolyzed vegetable proteinModified food starchModified starchCheck with companyWhey (all forms Whey is dairy)Whey Protein concentrate Whey Sodium CaseinateWhite Grain Vinegar White Vinegar Always read labelsNote: Check ingredients listed on all products.Luncheon meat, hotdogs, sausages may contain milk proteinItems made from wheat & flourAll of the items listed below contain unacceptable ingredients. Most of these food items can be found without gluten and casein ingredients. Check your Health Food Stores and also the websites which are provided on the manufacturer's page of this website for many food items that are acceptable.NO Biscuits NO BreadNO Bread crumbsNO Cake flourNO Cake & cake mixesNO Chow mein noodlesNO Coffee creamer (all kinds)NO CookiesNO Cookie mixesNO CroutonsNO CrackersNO DoughnutsNO Flavored prepackaged riceNO Flavored prepackaged pastaNO Flour tortillasNO Flavored instant coffeeNO Flavored instant teaNO Ice cream conesNO PastaNO Pizza NO Pretzels

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Well this is what I want Lists, Lists and more Lists. All I want to do is go to one page and find what we can eat. So I will make my own lists from other places I go to. :lol: Of course anyone can send their own lists here too. Just make it short and sweet. :P
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