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Does Stress Make It Worse?

Posted by , 26 March 2012 · 503 views

I realize this is more of a question than a blog... but lately my stomach has been in knots and terribly upset. It was my mom's birthday over the weekend, her and I are on terrible terms due to her lifestyle. I think that is why my stomach has been so terrible. I know I haven't eaten anything with gluten... but it seems like I have after I get done eating (even if it's a banana) does anyone know what is going on?

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I would say most likely because of the stress! I would recommend keeping track of the things you have ate and what your symptoms have been. If it seems to be all the time versus with certain foods I would try to find a way to center yourself and relax, but if it is because of the food you are eating even if it's gluten free I would make a appt. with my doctor. Stress can mutilate a body and make you feel symptoms as intense as a heart attack. Put your finger to your nose and repeat after me " The only person I can change or control is myself." If you continue to fret( beleive me I am the biggest worry wart too, but with prayer and this simple but amazing words fewI have slowly started to work on it and give it up to heaven) about your mothers life style you will drive your self in an early grave. Good luck and please keep me posted on how things go for you! ;)
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Stress can cause a lot of different things, especially stomach issues! I take Magnesium Calm every night before bed!! It helps to stay regular and helps with stress!! Even good for children! There is a lot of different relaxing teas to drink too! Go to your local health store! Get a nice relaxing message!! :)
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I know all my symptoms get substantially ramped up and much worse when I'm stressed out, I try to avoid all stress in my live except work, and that's one I have to deal with, unless I hit the Lotto!

Hadn't heard about the magnesium calm before, will be looking for that.
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