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  1. Anyone Here From The Green Bay, Appleton Wi Area?

    Woahh... I live in Mensha!
  2. Sounds like you have a problem with gluten! I had a negative biopsy and I am still gluten intolerant. I suggest you keep eating gluten until ALL testing is done. Not eating gluten could mess up test results. After you see the allergist, I think it would be good to see a regular doctor to have the full celiac panel blood testing done and out of the way! THEN you should be able to go gluten free It sucks waiting... I was on and off gluten for 2 months because I kept deciding I needed more testing and all that stufff. It's so much easier to wait than to wonder the rest of your life! Btw, some people have negative biopsies and positive blood tests.
  3. Second Guessing My Gluten Problem...

    Thanks for the replies! I was actually only gluten free for 4 days when i posted this :} Some symptoms are slowly improving though.. I just want this depression completely gone!... NOW! But i'm trying to be patient..
  4. Second Guessing My Gluten Problem...

    I noticed dairy gives me stomach aches too! I'm going to go dairy free for awhile starting now... ha.
  5. Biopsies show: No evidence of Celiac disease. Continue Probiotics & increase fiber to 25gms daily. Copy of path report. Surgical procedure: EGD with biopsies; colonoscopy with biopsies Tissues: A. Duodenum, NOS B. Gastric antrum C. gastro-esophageal junction D. colon - random colon Diagnosis A. Biopsy Duodenum -- -- Duodenal mucosa (19 fragments) without evidence of villous blunting or active inflammation B. Biopsy Gastric Antrum -- -- Antral mucosa without inflammation -- Negative for helicobacter pylori C. Biopsy GE junction -- -- gastric-type mucosa, no evidence of intestinal metaplasia -- Chronic inflammation, mild D. Random colon biopsy -- -- colonic mucosa, no evidence of lymphocytic or collagenous colitis -- no evidence of active inflammation Continued... Microscopic description: A. Sections are of nineteens fragments of colonic mucosa shoing a villous architecture. An underlying lymphocytic and plasmacytic infiltrate is present. Active inflammation or villous blunting is not evident. B. Sections are of the gastric antral mucosa are without inflammation. Special stains for helicobacter pylori are negative. C. Sections of the GE junction consist of fragments of gastric-type mucosa with adjacent squamous mucosa. The gastric component does not show any intestinal metaplasia. Mild chronic inflammation is present. D. Sections are of fragments of colonic mucosa in which the glandular pattern is uniform. There is a diffuse mild lymphocytic and plasmacytic infiltrate throughout the lamina propria. The trichrome stain does not show thickening of the basement membrane. Note: All controls show appropriate reactivity. Gross description: A. Received in formalin labeled 'biopsy, duodenum count number of biopsies, rule out celiac disease' , the specimen consists of nineteen tissue fragments, 0.3-0.4 cm. The entire specimen is submitted in cassette A. B. Recieved in formalin labeled 'biopsy, gastric antrum' ,the specimen consists of two pale pink tissues, 0.2 and 0.7 cm, submitted in cassette B. C. Received in formalin labeled 'biopsy, GE junction' , the specimen consists of three white tissue fragments, 0.2-0.4 cm, submitted in cassette C. D. Received in formalin labeled 'random colon biopsy' , the speciment consists of ten white tissue fragments, 0.2-0.5 cm, submitted in cassette D. ---------------------- For whoever reads through all this, thank you!! I underlined the descriptions that show something that seems abnormal, and I dont understand what it means.
  6. Reflux

    I was diagnosed with GERD, but I didn't that my reflux was THAT bad... I found the gluten free diet helps my reflux though! But still have to avoid chocolate :/
  7. My Test Came Back

    My tests were all negative too! And I could see a huge difference in myself within days as well Good luck on the diet!!
  8. Second Guessing My Gluten Problem...

    how did you know to go casein free?? Is that just lactose?
  9. I'll just post the whole thing
  10. I've only been gluten for about a week now...but ask the other times I tried going gluten free I would feel starving and very I'm still just my normal exhausted arm is like limp just from holding some clothes.. How long did it take you to feel better?
  11. Everything on it says it's normal except this one thing... For : Biopsy GE Junction it says -gastric-type mucosa, no evidence of intestinal metaplasia -chronic inflammation, mild So where do I have chronic inflamation?? Is that just my GERD diagnoses?? Or my hiatal hernia?? btw, my doctors talk about it as if GERD and a hiatal hernia are the same thing...I'm confused! Thanks.
  12. Ohh, and I also heard that I can't eat certain fruits... Do you have problems with any?