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  1. hermitgirl


    I can tell you that Shakeology made me violently ill. I only used half the packed of powder. I wouldn't touch it with...
  2. According to their website they are not certified gluten free, nor do they test for gluten. It used to have the label...
  3. I would love the Urban Decay list!!!! I have emailed them several times and never received a response. Thanks!!!!...
  4. Looking for something with good pigment and long lasting. Would def prefer a kind that self sharpens. What kind does...
  5. hermitgirl

    Is It True?

    Sadly they closed the restuarant sometime in the middle of last year I think.
  6. hermitgirl


    Thank you David. When I looked at the packaging of several items, not a single one had the words gluten free that I...
  7. hermitgirl


    An Aldi's grocery store opened not to far from me. Other than the obvious like produce, has anyone had any experience...
  8. Has anyone eaten at Flips Patio Grill? They have locations in Fort Worth and Grapevine? (TX) I have to go there Friday...
  9. hermitgirl

    Support Groups In North Texas?

    I occasionaly attent the North Texas Gluten Intolerance Group's meetings, they meet in North Richland Hills monthly....
  10. I picked them up last month at Sprouts. Love them with peanut butter!
  11. hermitgirl

    Progresso Creamy Mushroom Soup

    General Mills has released a website that lists specific Gluten Free products. It clearly states that Gluten Free will...
  12. hermitgirl

    Progresso Creamy Mushroom Soup

    They have now removed the gluten free labeling, and are no longer saying that their regular soups, including cream of...
  13. In the past, Everyday Minerals was heavily recommended on this forum. As they have removed their Gluten Free status,...
  14. hermitgirl

    Burger King!

    When I worked at Burger King, they did not have a designated fryer. Also, the onion rings are placed directly next to...