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  1. I can tell you that Shakeology made me violently ill. I only used half the packed of powder. I wouldn't touch it with a ten-foot pole after how sick it made me. I had never had such an intense reaction before, but had the same thing the last time I was glutened a few weeks ago.
  2. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  3. I wish I could help, but am finding myself in the same boat. Many people on here post about everyday minerals and afterglow cosmetics, but I don't care for loose powders and am over the whole ordering thing. I used to use some Avon, but they are so inconsistent I gave up. Skincare is down to Purpose...
  4. I am guessing they have changed an ingredient, as they used to be gluten free. I haven't taken it for a while now, so good to know. Call the 800 number on the box. I know they are manufactured by the same company that makes Tylenol, and the last list they sent me of safe things didn't have...
  5. Ok, so for anyone who needs future reference, Nasacort AQ NOT safe. They did say that they do not make a claim that they are gluten free.They just have "no detectable amount of gluten". I am going to go hide now. Not doing well.
  6. more like the steroid nasal spray. i used to use flonase but it was way too drying for my sinuses and was always giving me nosebleeds. my dr just prescribed nasacort aq, but according to the manufacturer, the polysorbate 80 that is used as the moisturizer is made from wheat, but supposedly still...
  7. Zyrtec is also gluten free. Still trying to find a nasal spray that is gluten free though.
  8. I had the Walmart pharmicist actually point to the number on a box and say "You need to call them" when I asked if a product contained gluten. I have found it is just way easier to call the manufacturers first. The numbers are also available on their websites so you can call before you go. I had...
  9. Certain forms of Tylenol brand have gluten. I called the company and they mailed me a list of their gluten free drugs. They also sent a BUNCH of coupons. None of the rapid release are safe (darn!) I know the caplets are safe, those are what I use. It all has to do with the coatings with their...