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  1. And you know MarieK do you?
  2. Hey beachbum, some coeliacs are blessed with being able to tolerate traces of gluten and perhaps you are one of them. I am unable to eat frozen vegetables from a particular supermarket because they produce them on a line handling barley and I got really sick. I also got really sick twice after doing the laundry and discovered I had used the new detergent I had bought contains gluten. I was so ill I couldn't leave the house for four days. A crumb might as well be a pizza for some coeliacs.
  3. Hi, do you have those links you had ten years ago on this forum?!
  4. Hi Peaceflower, Just wanted to say thank you for the chat. :)

  5. Hi ChiaChick, Yes, it is in shampoo and soaps and creams and toothpaste and fluoride and I discovered even in frozen veg from our local supermarket because I asked them to find out about cross contamination after I was ill following eating frozen peas and also frozen sweetcorn. They were very reluctant to tell me, but they said it is produced on a line that handles barley, but it is present in 'the sweetcorn' in such small quantities that it does not require a mention on the packaging. It is also in spray deodorants and plaster in buildings (as a bonding agent). Red cheese and some margarines and icecream contain a colouring derived using wheat (annatto E160). Some medicines contain Ethanol that is derived using a distilling process involving barley straw or wheat. Some sugars come from wheat, some gels. I never trust a gluten free label. I have often found that added flavouring contains gluten, such as soy sauce added to something just labelled 'flavouring'. Most manufacturers receive ingredients to add to their foods, like mint flavour, and wouldn't check the contents for something such as maltodextrin from wheat, or dextrose from wheat. I buy black farmer sausages and they tell me they only ever use corn/maize based dextrose. A minefield. Ironically, anti-histamines can contain traces of wheat I discovered!! Must go but will check back in soon.
  6. Hi, Has anyone experienced irreversible damage to brain caused by a gluten challenge to diagnose gluten ataxia? It is possible to have all the symptoms but no damage to your brain?
  7. Look up Professor Marios Hadjivassiliou,, It is possible to be referred by your local GP after an application for referral outside of area, but you must continue eating gluten or speak to the secretary and waiting time for new patients is about three months.
  8. Hi, I am a teacher with gluten intolerance, only it is airborne also. I went to Sheffield on a completely gluten free diet and was told that my numbness and symptoms were not enough to diagnose and I was told to eat gluten for two or three months in order to have testing. The issue is that I don't want to knowingly kill off brain cells and cause lesions in my brain. I only need to walk into a bakery and my knees buckle.
  9. I know this was written a long time ago, but I have 7 rabbits, all of whom are on a strict gluten free diet, including no oats. This is not for them but for me! The have cheap but tasty Grass Hay and Sherwood Forest Rabbit Pellets Some of my rabbits took a couple of weeks to get used to it, some took a couple of seconds! They all love it now. I am breeding rabbits and selling them as suitable for a gluten allergy sufferer. I ship the food and when I once ran out, I bought vitamin pellets and mini alfalfa bales and Timothy hay to see me through until the pellets order came. It's very expensive for me because I am breeding and have quite a few, but I am well now, so for me it is worth it!
  10. Yes, exactly my point. Doctors know about coeliac disease, but gluten allergy is less widely talked about. Is the genetic testing Mark talked about for coeliac disease? I didn't think it was. I was referring to testing for gluten allergy, which doesn't show up in standard blood and endoscopy testing for coeliac disease, or skin prick testing. Coeliac disease is too widely used to refer to any kind of gluten allergy or intolerance so that people don't even know what allergy means. I said I do not have Coeliac disease. I have had that confirmed. I do however have a debilitating gluten allergy.
  11. Whenever I go to social functions involving food I suffer for days afterwards... Because I was in the vicinity of gluten. I have found that being in places with good ventilation can be ok. I was at a dinner function in a hotel with really high ceilings and I didn't react. On another occasion, someone next to me ate a cracker biscuit and I lost my speech and couldn't walk. It is real, not imagined, for me. I cannot go into a supermarket without reacting, or drive the car if my husband has eaten bread in it in the last day or so. I get numbness, weakness, brain fog, memory problems, what I call sensory overload, speech difficulty, dizziness, co-ordination problems. I am not coeliac and standard testing does not identify this kind of allergy, so the tests have not revealed it. The allergy specialist told me to expect them not to show anything. She thinks my reaction is anaphylactic in that it sounds like immediate drop in blood pressure. I also get nausea and blotchy itchy skin, pins and needles and tingling. I had leg throbbing and neck itching and facial numbness, difficulty speaking after driving my husband's car to later discover that there were wheat coated peanuts in the driver's door, open. I do not have nut allergies.
  12. I have airborne gluten allergy but not coeliac disease. I cannot be in the same room as gluten without reacting. If I walk through a school hall mid-morning when staff in the kitchen next to it are making the dinners, I have a reaction. It is not psychological as some would say. I have too many confirmations of it for that to be so. Please can you tell me what this genetic testing is? I'd like medical proof so that my GP will believe me and write a report for my boss at work. I am beginning to appear like I am avoiding meetings. (Where food is present).