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Consistancy Of Stools After Gf?

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My son has been gluten-free since 4 months old. I was strictly breastfeeding when he developed severe diahrrea. After weeks of research (no help from peditrician) I went on a dairy free gluten free diet. His symptoms disappeared. At 6 months of age I introduced solids and things went fine (still gluten-free). At 13months I weaned him and he has not had a formed stool since. He is now 17 months old and remains dairy free and gluten free. He is not having liquid stools but they continue to be very soft, often huge blow outs of his diaper. Also, his stools have a distinct odor as does his breath. I have not gotten any answers from my MD other than he would like to have my son tested to be sure he is gluten intollerant. I am just wondering if my son is normal for someone on a gluten-free diet. He remains well above the 50th % for growth and has a great appetite, and has hit all age appropriate milestones (talking, walking etc.). If anyone has experience here I would be grateful. Thanks for your time



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We are new to this - gluten free diet. My son (23 months) has been gluten-free for one week today. A lot of what you mentioned in your post sounds so familiar to me and was part of my reason for coming to this board today.

He started having chronic constipation (which I know is an actual sign of Celiacs) at 6 months of age. He is extremely delayed developmentally and is way under the growth chart in size.

However, since starting this diet his stools are now very soft and huge blow outs too. His stomach has gone from being bloated and swollen to being very soft and flat. The one thing you mentioned that I wondered about is the distinct odor....his breath STINKS!!

My son was actually tested for Celiacs at about 14 months of age but it came back inconclusive...due to his body not producing immunoglobulins.

I can't really offer advice...just tell you I am in the same situation.


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Thanks for sharing your experience. My son has never had constipation, but I feel like because of his diarrhea at such an early age, and large loose or at least very soft stools for over a year now, I am a poopie diaper expert. My husband laughs at me because if he changes our son I give him the 3rd degree "How did it smell, how big was it, did it run out the side?". I have brought this to the attention of our ped., stinkie breath and all, but he hasn't really been able to tell me anything. The testing he wants to do would require my son to eat gluten so no way. As long as he continues to grow well, I am going to stay gluten-free (and he will stay stinkie). I hope your son catches on the growth charts, and I am curious to hear what kind of projection your ped has made for your son in realation to developmental milestones? How much do they feel he will be able to make up for? Thanks for your time.



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    • Gluten does WHAT to the brain?
      I'm ok, just a little tired right now.  Lots of stress getting elderly parents and in-laws taken care of. My thyroid took a dip low (no surprise there) so I had to increase dose by a quarter grain. Overall, I am not dragging all day but waking up and getting going in the morning is slowwwwwwwww.  I'm sure you understand that! Yeah........Barty.  I thought of her for DAYS on end and it just saddens me to no end that such good people are the ones being taken.  Sometimes life is just so unfair. We all know that but there are times when it really hits you in the gut. There are times I think they are the lucky ones with the way the world is going these days. This terrorism plague is unnerving and I am really getting mad about it. Dear God, please stop this shyte!  I also miss nvsmom and others who have not been heard from. I hope she is feeling better and is just busy with life.  I got glutened on vacation about 6 years ago on the first day in Liverpool.  Jeez, was I sick!  I know how you feel but take heart........that was the last time I was bagged on vacation.  The longer you are gluten free and heal, the faster you recover from hits. You also get very good at not being glutened. It has been almost 2 years since it happened to me last so after 11 years gluten-free, I think I am doing well with that. I still have a little work to do with the vitamin D levels but I work so seeing much sun isn't happening.  My levels have doubled but they are still under 50. This whole Celiac thing is a part time job!
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      Hang in there is hard and frustrating.  Good job getting that appointment moved up.  I've done too...I've called daily looking for cancellations.  I can also remember counting down the days until my appointment.  ((((Hugs)))) and please let us know how it goes.
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      Miso soup has gluten in it, doesn't it? =/ I know that I've been avoiding it, which is a big shame because I adore miso!
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      Hi guys. I know this is a topic that has come up before, but I'd appreciate a little bit of advice. I've been 'courting' a guy for the past few months; nothing has happened yet but we have a proper date in a few weeks which is likely to lead to kissing. He didn't even know what a ceoliac was until a few days ago; I don't think he'd caught the hints that I'd been dropping beforehand. English isn't his first language - he's east Asian. Anyway, I've heard about being potentially glutened via a kiss. How do I broach this? I don't want to scare him off or make him think that I'm a lot of hard work; I know, I know, he's going to have to accept me as I am, etc. but for someone new to the entire thing, it is likely overwhelming. It would be for me if I'd never heard of it! Do I laughingly bring it up beforehand? We aren't going for food so if he isn't eating, just having a cup of tea, will I still need to be careful? If this seems safe, do I just let him kiss me and then bring up afterwards that any future kisses after food will have different precautions?  It all feels so clinical! He's a lovely guy so I do think he'll be understanding, but if anyone has any advice of first hand experience on how to approach the topic without it being a weird moment, that would be great.  
    • long til I feel better?
      Hi there.  I had been sick for over a year and decided to try and go off gluten within 4 weeks i started to feel better than i had for so long! But my problem is now i test negative for celiac because i have no gluten in my body. I have been told to go back on gluten so it can be determined if i have it or not but im not willing to go back to feeling that sick again!
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