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Is This A Gluten Reaction?

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I'm new here, and this is my first post. I hope someone can help me, because I am struggling with the consequences of having a husband and daughter diagnosed as Celiacs in the last 6 months.

I read every food label, even items that I've bought before and are gluten-free. Sometimes the ingredients change, so it is part of the shopping routine.

Yesterday evening after dinner - homemade vegie soup and gluten-free toast, my Husband said he thought he'd eaten too much and that he felt bloated. Last night/early this morning he had very runny diarrhoea. BUT it was dark, not pale. Today, he still had very runny motions this morning, and was very tired this afternoon.

WE were going to Pirates, and he insisted he was fine after a nap. After the movie, the diarrhoea returned. He was hungry, so I gave him steamed rice with a spoonful of gluten-free sauce. He had diarrhoea again, still dark, and also was extremely tired. He was also cold last night in bed, and this afternoon.

Last time he had the soup he had runny motions. The only non fresh vegetable in it was the bought stock, which is labeled gluten-free. I also checked witht he manufacturers last week and was assured that there were no traces of gluten, even tho one ingredient listed was some sort of wheat protein extract.

Can anyone tell me if they've had this sort of reaction, and how long it usually takes for a Gluten reaction?

Or is it a virus?

We are worried that we will blame any weird symptom on gluten. My daughter didn't eat the soup, so I can't compare reactions. Likewise, I am fine, but am not celiac. I figure that if it is a virus, I'll be sick in a couple of days<G>

Sorry this is so long,



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Certainly sounds like a gluten reaction to me. My stomach usually starts hurting 5-20 minutes after I eat gluten. My intestinal reactions vary from having D 40 minutes after eating and it lasting on and off for a few days to having C.

If the stock has wheat protein extract in it, then I don't see how that could be gluten-free. I think anything that has wheat in the label is completely off limits. I would think that is what is causing the problem.


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