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Sonny's Bar-b-que

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This was passed on to me from a friend. I generally do not eat out b/c of CC issues but I thought i'd post this anyway in the event some of you have any interest in it....

> The following meats do not contain gluten:



> Hamburger

> Bar-B-Q Chicken

> Sliced Beef

> Pulled Beef Brisket

> Sliced Pork

> Sweet & Smokey Ribs=20

> Baby Back Ribs

> Smoked Turkey Breast

> Steaks



> Sonny's 5 Bar-B-Q Sauces: Mild, Sweet, Sizzlin

> Sweet, Smokin and Mustard

> are Gluten Free.=20



> The following salad dressings are gluten free:

> Bleu cheese

> Creamy Italian, Golden Italian, Lo-Cal Italian

> French, Lo-Cal French

> No-Fat Honey Mustard

> Ranch, Fat-Free Ranch=20

> Thousand Island



> The Cole slaw (including dressing) and Potato Salad

> are gluten free.

> The Baked and Sweet Potatoes and Corn on the Cob are

> gluten free.

> Sonny's Southern Green Beans and the Bar-B-Q beans

> contain Gluten.=20



> Of course, any breaded item i.e. Onion Rings, Corn

> Nuggets, Catfish,

> etc. would contain gluten. French Fries may be

> deep fried in the same

> oil that is used to deep fry the breaded items, so

> it is not recommend

> that you eat any French Fries, as they could have

> gluten on them.=20=20




> Please understand that in a busy kitchen there is

> always the chance that

> a food item containing gluten may come in contact

> with a gluten free

> food. It would be impossible for us to guarantee

> that this would never

> happen.


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I wouldn't go to that restaurant. My sister's teacher went to Sonny's and she ordered water and got bleach in her drink too. She had to go to the hospital.


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    • It sounds like you're doing great. That's amazing that your anxiety has decreased like that. You're obviously doing something really good for your health. With the other things I'm sure they will get better in time. After I gave up gluten I had a bad year but overall it got better. Things like anxiety and insomnia massively improved over time with being gluten free. However, going Paleo (which you are on your way to with the no dairy too) really helped my anxiety, as did running and self-taught acupressure. In particular I found processed gluten free foods were awful for my mood. I know you have to find your own way but I really want to encourage you to see how you feel without that if you haven't already. I also can't afford therapy but when I did have it, that helped too but just being well, gives you the chance to sort your own thoughts and feelings out even without a therapist. Good luck
    • Thank you so much guys. Reading that last response and those from forum members who seemed to be mind-bogglingly sensitive to gluten at times helps me feel like less of a freak  Perhaps worse than the symptoms themselves was my fear that I'm the only person on earth who has gone through this and that if it continues, I will end up with all of my friends and family washing their hands of me because it would look to them like I'm the only one with this and so I must be crazy. It's really good to hear that the sensitivity can go down too. I've been holding onto this idea through the tough times, reminding myself that I also had really bad hayfever for a few years, and asthma at a different time and they both got better.  It has been a whole month since I had a bad reaction to gluten. It has also been two weeks since I even had a small reaction and I'm feeling SO much better. I'm still going to take every precaution I can but this feels worlds away from how it was. At my most risk averse, I had a day on holiday where I only ate bananas and avocados because I could eat them without them having been touched by human hands, even my own! (This was straight after getting sicker and sicker and hunting down what it was that made me ill. I found the refill bottles of soap in the house where I was staying and read that they had wheat in them - not an airborne reaction I imagine but when I washed my hands to prepare food it was probably contaminating my food. Plus because I didn't speak the language, I couldn't be sure the new soap I bought was gluten free.) Now, I am still avoiding environments with lots of gluten and staying clear of all grains, with the exception of rice which I reintroduced using the food challenge method as directed by my dietician (since I understand that rice is, according to Dr Fasano, the lowest risk of gluten contamination of all the grains) and I am building my weight back up. My husband has been able to see also that the last time he cooked gluten in the house was the last time I got ill. So it is reassuring for him to see that the sacrifice he is making is making such a difference to me. I also took the advice about new cooking utensils - thanks! I have my fingers crossed for me. I want this better health to continue but right now I'm happy to know that there is a break in the clouds and to know that I can feel like me again. Good luck to everyone, sensitive or not, who gets into a bad place with managing their reactions. Hang on in there!        
    • I'm not sure I just had the endoscopy, and I've had a  songram. 
    • Thanks and I'm seeing a doctor in three months may have to make it sooner.    Thanks for all the replies.
    • Hey guys so question. I still am going through some of the motions to finally be diagnosed. I has a really bad case of acid reflux a few days ago and now i feel soo sick. Im still eating gluten because i got a negative biaopsy test but ive been told thag i more than likely still have it because its really hard to detect. Well i drank beer last night and had a poutine today stupid i know and now i feel soooo sick. And only felt really sick after the poutine. Now my question is can your symptoms get worse all of a sudden??  I have many other symptoms thaat read celiac deisease for most of my life. But since all doctors told me you have anxiety ibs and fibro at 28 years old. I just baiscally gave up and figured this was going to be my life feeling like crap for the rest of my life. Any thoughts??? Thanks guys. Sorry for the novel lol
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