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Donatos No Dough Pizza

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Have you heard about Donatos no dough pizza? I just emailed them to question whether the other ingredients would be gluten free..

If so and they make these pizza's with no crust. then cool we may be able to have pizza made for us!! This low carb craze is working out.. protien burgers are poping up at Burger Kings.. restraunts are offering low carb menu options that cut out breads etc.. so hey ride the wave!

I'll let you know if I get any more info..



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I have never heard of Donatos. Is this a chain? Where can you find them??

-Jessica :rolleyes:


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I feel very hesitant to try that pizza. I stop and think to myself that the crustless pizza is prepared in a "pizza shop." There is dough all over the place. i'm sure the counters, shelves, everything is tainted with flour and dough. I have had friends who worked in pizza shops, and i have seen them make pizza's. After using their ungloved hands to spread the dough out in the pan, they then would dip their hands in the cheese and toppings to put on the pizza. I bet your chances of contamination are pretty high with this one. Also on the topic of the Burger King Atkins burger, my husband brought me one home a few weeks back. I was so excited to eat something that was somewhat normal again. I ended up sicker than a dog later that evening. It left me wondering if that burger was previously on a bun before it landed in the plastic tub, or how else it could've been contaminated. I guess you just have to be there to literally supervise the person making the food.


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Hey, here's some more info on this pizza. Donatos says it IS gluten-free, but there's a risk of contamination. So I guess it's a personal decision depending on how severe your reactions are and how risky those of us with few symptoms are willing to be... :unsure: Also, I included all the ingredients below b/c I'm kinda new to this so maybe there are some hidden no-no's I didn't recognize.


The Soy base in our NoDough pizzas do not contain any gluten,

however, they will not be baked in separate ovens from those used to bake

our Original Thin and Traditional crusts. That being stated, depending on

the severity of the sensitivity to gluten we cannot guarantee that there

would be an absolute prevention of cross contamination and unfortunately

would suggest that individuals with high sensitivity to gluten not take any

unnecessary risks.

Soy Protein Crisp (Low fat IP Soy Flour, rice pieces, sunflower oil, sea salt)

Thin Pizza Sauce (Tomato paste, water, sugar, salt, citric acid, xanthan gum, aquaresin paprika, basil, ground basil.)

Traditional Pizza Sauce (Tomato puree (tomato paste, water), salt, sugar, garlic powder, citric acid, black pepper, basil, oregano, Xanthan gum, basil leaf.)

Shredded Provolone Cheese (Pasteurized reduced fat milk, cheese culture, salt, powdered cellulose, natural smoke flavoring, enzymes (microbial derived rennet, lipase))

Donatos Sliced Pepperoni (Pork, beef, salt, spices, dextrose, lactic acid starter culture, oleoresin of Paprika, flavorings, sodium nitrite, BHA, BHT, Citric acid)


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We ordered the no dough pizza and it seemed to me like they just put topping on a plate and heated them up. I was not impressed at all! I got the veggie and it was over $5. Very disappointed with the whole experience! I ended up putting the toppings on a corn tortilla and rolled it up. I personally will NOT be eating there again. There is one more pizza place that is near us that we will try soon- Chicago's pizza is suppose to have gluten free pizza, I haven't confirmed it with them but if they do, I will try it soon.


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    • Get your thyroid checked out in a thorough manner. It can cause really wacky stuff. And lots of folks with thyroid issues are gluten-free.  My brother had negative celiac bloodwork and a positive biopsy. My thyroid ultrasound presents like Hashimoto's but my serum levels are fine and I have normal thyroid antibodies. My neck hurts like hell though. I have also read that there are ttg antibodies which are not routinely tested for in the US. Ttg 6 has CNS involvement.  You can also be gene tested to possibly rule out celiac. My brother's son is gene positive, has confirmed food allergies and throws up if exposed to gluten. 
    • Hi everyone! I'm feeling very frustrated. I have been dealing with GI upset, bloating, very painful gas(that is hard to release), alternating from constipation to diarrhea for a long time now:(... my symptoms seem to be getting worse. Sometimes I get painful spasms located on my upper right quadrant of my stomach and low grade fever. I recently went to a GI doctor and he put me on a lactose free diet. He said I might be lactose intolerant and may have IBS. He did not think I would have celiac. I did relatively well on the lactose free diet for 2weeks.This diet alleviated some of my gas discomfort. Also, he had me get blood work for celiac, ulcerative colitis and H pylori. My bloodwork was positive for celiac disease. The antibody TTG was high 36.6, which is specific for celiac. My C-reactive protein was high as well 13.4--Norm is 2-7(C-reactive protein checks for inflammation anywhere in the body). They called me and told me I had to get an upper endoscopy, which biopsy showed up normal. So should I just leave it like that, or go to a different doctor and get a different opinion? I'm just wondering why TTG antibody-A  was elevated. I'm so frustrated and I really don't want my symptoms to get worse... is there a lot of false negative biopsy? What should I do:(??? Should I just give up...
    • It's all very frustrating.  I had the skin prick tests done last year and they told me I had no allergies, but I have reactions all the time, such as itching, watery, runny, itchy eyes, digestive issues, stomach cramps, IBS-type symptoms,  mental fogginess, etc.   I had blood tests done by a naturopath a few years ago and my worst food intolerance was wheat/gluten by far.  The naturopath found several other reactive foods but said most of them were mild compared to my reaction to gluten.  I looked online at the ingredients for both products, but it's confusing, the main ingredients shared by these two products were brown rice flour and potato starch.  I've used brown rice in baking with no problems, it could be the potato starch, which I don't often use, but I don't have any reaction to eating real potatoes.  
    • It starts as a piercing itch and the skin turns reddish with a few tiny red bumps. Then tiny watery vesicles appear and itch like crazy. The whole process from start to finish is about 3 weeks and the lesions leave a purplish skin tone and scab. I get them on the back side of both knees near the bend.  Sometimes it's just a few scattered vesicles in the same area. I've had Drs say eczema or herpes. My next step is to find a dermatologist familiar with dh. Thanks for the input.
    • DH can look like that but other things can as well. It would help if you described the way it acts/presents. You can get a dh biopsy. Read threads in this section to find out how the biopsy is done correctly. 
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