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Endoscopy Results

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My 16 month old had her scope yesterday. All went as well as could be expected. My daughter was given fentanyl (morphine type for pain) and versed as an amnesiac. She did great once the drugs kicked in. I did great once I had her back in my arms again. :lol: The scope revealed a very nice looking esophagus and stomach lining but her duodenum (leading section of the small intestine) didn't fare as well. It showed some signs of bleeding and looked "ratty" as described by the GI. I forgot to ask afterward, but before the procedure he told me he'd take a minimum of 10 samples from various locations. He is convinced based upon what he saw (and the fact that her eczema had a major flare up yesterday) that it is a food allergy and still holding to the idea that it is not appearing to be celiac disease. We will know more when the biopsy comes back. There is a possibility that it could be a bacteria, but the labs will have to reveal that. He wanted to go down the list of the big 8 food allergens and consider the next step in eliminating them from her diet. I told him that beyond the milk and egg, the allergist has us avoiding all nuts, fish, and shellfish. He said, "Well, that would have been the next step, but it sounds like he has you on the right track." He also mentioned a few different meds she could take to counteract whatever allergen is irritating her intestines. But for now he said that we should continue what we've been doing and then we'll talk once the results come in. I sure hope there's something revealing in those biopsies. Anyway, there's our little update.



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I'm glad they were able to see what was going on in her intestine. I hope that the biopsies will reveal what is truly going on so she can get better. Good luck with the results and keep us posted!


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    • Kidney disease question
      GFR ranges are very strange.  We went through this with my husband.  Did you notice in Icelandgirl's link that there is no range that is considered good and normal?  I just had mine tested and the report said that normal was > 60.  As your report says, your value is only a problem if there is other evidence of kidney damage.
    • Kidney disease question
      Hi Matt I'd love answers to this one too. My own levels have varied since I have been monitored, over the last three or so years.   I asked my GP about this and I seem to recall she said to me that levels of hydration affect this number.  i.e. when my figures were in the 90s it was because I was super-hydrated. When my numbers were in the 70s she wasn't worried, either! I'm hoping someone with a better knowledge of these matters will chime in but the last time I was tested my gastroenterologist was very pleased with my kidney and liver function numbers - so it seems to me that when my own numbers were in the 70s on a couple of occasions I must have been  less well hydrated when I had the test those times? And that these numbers are therefore subject to variation.     
    • New to this gluten-free life
      Kareng is correct.  There are also a number of good reference books on celiacs and gluten free issues.  Also several magazines.  The main thing is to find out the hidden and unusual sources of gluten, and also to be very careful when eating at restaurants.  I got glutened quite a few times at restaurants before I learned to triple check and began to find safe places.  Good luck. 
    • Kidney disease question
      Hi Matt, Since celiac impacts the whole body...I think kidneys are affected.  I have kidney stones and they are super fun(not) and my urologist says that it's fairly common with celiac and malabsorption.  I don't know specifically about kidney disease, but when I was in the hospital passing my stones...prior to passing, my GFR was around 60.  A few weeks later when my doctor did bloodwork it was 87.  Here is some info that may help.
    • Most New Celiac Patients Show Normal Bone Density
      Some doctors recommend that patients with newly diagnosed celiac disease get scanned for bone density. Several researchers recently set out to assess the bone density results in a cohort of patients with celiac disease. View the full article
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