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Herbal Remedies For Gf Diet Stomach Aches

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does anyone have any recomendations for herbal remedies they use to treat stomach aches. i have been gluten-free for a year now but still even when i know i am careful have very bad stomach aches.

i avoid not only wheat and dairy but also foods like baked beans too many green veg but i still get this dull ache.

a friend of mine uses aloe vera from forever living products but i find that not only does it taste awrful but it just has a laxativ affect.

any one got any ideas? i find that going to a regular doctor with these problems is a waste of time as they just don't have the knowledge of what we go through.

thanks, nic.


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ginger tea. for me, it's not a huge help, but a little bit.


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My suggestion would be to keep a food/symptom diary to find out the cause of the stomach aches! B)

If you are absolutely gluten-free, you shouldn't be having them :( You do avoid barley, rye, and oats too, right?

Either you have another food intollerence or your getting hidden glutens from somewhere.... The stomach aches are a sign...

Did you know that just kissing a nonGF person can glutenate you? Are your make-ups and lotions gluten-free?

Sometimes I try activated charcoal capsules, but they don't really help much...

Please, work on finding out what the underlying cause is! That will help more than any remedy!!


gluten-free since 1-'98


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I find organic peppermint tea helps.


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thanks for all your suggestions.

i am completely gluten free including barley, oats and rye. i also can't eat any rice or rice noodles so as you can imagine going out for meals is a real hassel. i also find myself not telling people my problem becasue it really puts them off, especialy men!

i think too much fibre is my problem, but i am concerned about the dreaded colon cancer so not sure what to do about this one.

i'll try the peppermint and ginger teas and plenty of relaxation exercises!! and hopefully it will work.

thanks again, take care. nic.


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    • This is a great information piece on Celiac in Kids esp, followup care.
    • Hey all- just thought I would send an update. I worked out hard but not too long or too hard last week on Thursday- one hour pilates class (which isn't too strenuous to me) and then did squats and some other arm/back lifts. But i couldn't do my third set of squats because my quads were cramping up.I took my Glutamine twice that day, vegan protein and tried to eat more, I tried to avoid more than 1 drink for two days, and waited until I wasn't too sore anymore. and just did pilates reformer on friday.  So I did it! I paced myself well. I missed my normal Monday pilates reformer time (sinus infection now from my last cold ) But did make it on tuesday. Today I only had 1 hour of work out time (the child watch was closing!) so I busted out bench, straight leg dead lifts, upright row, reverse lunges with military press, and then finally squats. Let's just say i went pretty hard compared to last week and got 3 sets in for everything  it was great!. so now I am eating like a mad person, I didn't get any quad cramping this time so that was good. Maybe because I have been off dairy that i am absorbing stuff better who knows.  But I know i have to stay on track with my supplements and eating and not drinking.. much  
    • Cyclinglady -  Negative was also what I was thinking. The reference range at my lab does not give a negative, weak positive, and positive range, rather just a normal range. I just found that while scouring the internet. Seem like a lot of other people on here are give weak positive ranges as well. Anyways, I'm sure I'm reading way into this and it's nothing.  Very interesting that you never presented with a positive tTG IgA with such damage to your intestines.  No mention from my doctor concerning the low ferritin either. I only saw it when I was reading my own lab tests. Do you have any suggestions for what could be causing this? For the full celiac panel, is that something I should probably see a GI for? Thanks again for all your helpful suggestions!  
    • Kept the quote short for ease of reading but yeah I've cut a few people loose in the past few weeks after seeing their reactions. Fortunately balanced out by the positive, helpful comments on here though. Main reason for putting myself through this gluten challenge business isn't so much to get the diagnosis but more to find out just how bad the damage is (expecting the villi to be flat as pancakes so anything less will be a bonus). Over here in UK I can apparently get certain gluten-free foods on prescription with the official diagnosis too so that's the other reason I've been given for doing it. I'm hoping that having done the first week back and took the initial hit that the glutening symptoms may not be as bad for the next 3 weeks. Not quite sure how I've got through it at times but at least I know what the problems are caused by now whereas 6 months ago it was a complete mystery. Managed to summon up all my energy reserves for some sport last night, suffering for it today but forgetting about everything for a while makes it worth the pain!
    • I'd say that TTg IGA is negative and would not consider it a weak positive, but....I am not a doctor!  😏  I do know that each lab has different ranges and you should just compare your results with the ranges the lab uses (not from the Internet).  Your ferritin is low and your doctor should find the reason why it is low.  Again, celiac disease can not be ruled out until you have  the complete panel run.  Why?  I have never had a positive TTG test even in follow-up testing (biopsies: Marsh Stage IIIB).  I test positive ONLY to the DGP IGA.   Get the rest of the celiac panel.  
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