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Alice's Nutribullet!

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Had I not caught that infomercial.....Nutribullet is all they say and much more, especially for a gluten-free cooking mom or dad! Not only have I been making the best "Nutri" drinks This thing does a whole host of other things. I haven't been on here much (Pinterest addict!) but I really have to share. It is NOT like their Magic Bullet...300 watts more power.

Flour: I have a multitudes of appliances and I have never gotten the results with them as i have with my Nutribullet. I can't say enough good stuff about this thing. It feels really good to grind your own flours, you can control every aspect. And yes, this is the finest grind I have ever been able to do! Flax is amazing.

"Nutriblast": This is a term they coined and it fits really good. Most products are hyped really well but this machine actually lives up to it's claims. 1/2 greens, 1/2 fruit and one "blast"(or 2 or 3!). I got hulled hemp seed at Costco, um...have you ever looked at the nutrition values on the side of a package of hemp seed? I am blown away. My dogs love it. It's pricy but not any more than a good piece of meat and it lasts far longer!

Soup: I coined "Soup in 5!" You throw stuff, whatever you have, into this thing, rough chop (10 seconds) toss in a pan and Soup in 5! Potatoes whirled thru here are amazing and cook so fast and thicken so well!

You can grind coffee and WASH it in between French Vanilla and French Roast. Can't do that with a coffee grinder. Yes, you wash/rinse in between because I swear, you won't be able to put it down! My Vita-mix took 10 minutes to clean well, this takes 10 seconds!

Nut Milk: WHERE have I been? If for only this reason you buy one of these things this is it! We have been doing w/o non-dairy for quite awhile. Well, those days are over! You cannot imagine how good your own Almond milk is in this thing. I tried making it in a blender, yuck is what my kids said. Wow is what they say now. Got the almonds at Costco, used one heaping cup, blanched em, soaked em for 12-18 hours(they sprout!)in the fridge, whirled em good in the blender, drained em thru a LARGE coffee filter in a screen colander, and let me tell you, I had to add 3 cups of water it was so think, so creamy, so good, NO SEPARATION, WHAT-SO-EVER!! Water and almonds, no binders, fillers, salt, sugar, nothing but my own two hands and my Nutribullet. Wait till you see the cream cheese left over! Made rice with it!! WOW! Cashews... oh, my! The cream cheese THEY make is beyond description! We finally have creamy back in our house! You will have a cup or so of this stuff and it's better than any cheese I have ever had. I aim to learn more about the left-over pulp! :)

If I ever felt like the Red Hen, it's now!

This thing is too good to be true and I aim to get the word out. Next week I am taking it to Water Aerobics so I can show them what it can do. Forget the "blender", uses too much stuff (things I was going to throw away FILL this blender) hard to clean(you drink out of the container you make it in, RINSE the blade and you are done!)and most everything goes in here! I never peel anything, not mango, nothing. I do remove seeds but not from grapes! I made a drink with raw beets, 1 zuc, 1 cucumber and some fruit, 1/4 cup flax, the kids never knew what was it it! It was so beautiful! It's ground so fine, it's like per-digested. I bet it FLY'S into your system?

Anyone trying to heal their gut should have one of these!

You can make dried fruit cookies in a flash! Whirl the dried fruit, nuts, seeds, press it in a pan, let it "set" and cut into bars....forget buying them!

Oh ya, Bed, Bath & Beyond, $80 with a 20% coupon.


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    • I'm actually scared to go to the doctor and could use some advice
      Hi you think you would have better luck obtaining a full Celiac panel from your GP or a gastro doc?  You really need to be tested for Celiac because of all your symptoms.  Many other people probably thought they were dying of some horrible disease because they had so many symptoms that docs ignored.  Very common problem for us.  Plus, your Mom has had "IBS" all her life.  I should add that IBS is not a diagnosis.  No one needs to be told their bowel is irritated......they already know that.  This is where the medical establishment, no matter where you live in this world, fail us.  They need to find the root cause and there always is one.  You also do not need to have any gastro issues to be a Celiac but you do have some, along with all your symptoms mentioned.  Anxiety is a huge problem with Celiac Disease and for many, it goes away just fine on the gluten-free diet, without need of meds...which should always be a last resort measure.  I have never had an anxiety problem in my entire life until after I was diagnosed with Celiac.  I may have had it but with all the other numerous symptoms I had, the anxiety may have gotten buried somewhere.  But guess what? On the extremely rare occasion when I am glutened or cc'd, I get major anxiety for about 4 days and then its gone. B12 is a water soluble vitamin so whatever you don't use, it exits the body in your urine.  It is pretty damn hard to overdose on the stuff.  I take a B vitamin everyday, very high quality ones and my B12 is usually in the high 600 range.  Optimally, it should be between 650-800 so yours was abysmal pre-supplementation.  Absorption can also be affected by PPI's.  You did notice improvement with the tingling sensation and fatigue once your levels were way up so take notice of that. My biggest advice is to get your mother and you tested for celiac, with a FULL PANEL. Then you'll have to wait and see what that shows. You could always trial a gluten-free diet if all testing is complete and the results were either negative or inconclusive. That sometimes happens with people, especially if they have Celiac's other cousin......non-celiac gluten intolerance.  This would be the best route to go with regards to your anxiety, unless it becomes disabling and you need meds, short term. Make sure you tell them that anxiety is a HUGE symptom of Celiac and it is not normal for younger people to have extreme anxiety like that, for no reason. Good luck to you and please call and make the appointment. I understand your fear....I hate doctors and it's pure mistrust. But sometimes you have to address a problem head on.    
    • newbie diagnosed mom - testing 8 yr old now
      good to know. I am not going for a biopsy. I do not have health insurance, i know i know please no political comments. My children do. My husband and I don't right now. If we lived in another state, we would have coverage. I just made an appt to do a full blood panel for my daughter this week. I would rather find some confirmation for her through a blood test, i feel a scope is too invasive for a child. 
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    • I'm actually scared to go to the doctor and could use some advice
      Well, if I were you, I would go see your doctor and talk to him/her about all this.  Tell your doctor about your anxiety. When I finally did, my doctor prescribed a low dose of an anti-anxiety med and it has made a world of difference in my life.   About the whole thing with the B12 and the weird symptoms . Keep taking the B12 in the meantime to see if that helps again. But talk about it anyway.  If you want a celiac test, ask for the panel to be done. Your doctor may or may not want to send you to a GI for that. Remind him your mom is being tested. You do not have to wait for her results.  Work with your doctor if possible and if not, maybe find a doctor you can work with. If all you end up needing is b12, that's a good thing. If you end up needing more help, starting with your doctor and a heart to heart Talk will have you going in the right direction.
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      If she misses the hot cereal then try quinoa or amaranth as an alternative to oatmeal
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