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  1. What a wonderful answer! Yes to all of it, I just had to log in to tell the above person they rock!!
  2. fantasticalice

    White Basmati Rice Recipes Or Ideas

    There are so many things to do with rice but I wanted to ask if you've ever soaked your rice and if so, how long? In...
  3. fantasticalice

    Making It Too Hard?

    Don't forget the SALT! While some of you cannot have salt it really makes the gluten-free stuff "pop"! I made Sea Salt...
  4. I have been reading this site for awhile now. I have learned some stuff but nothing to make it "easy". We can all see...
  5. fantasticalice

    Secrets For Cream Of Rice

    Use it for breading! You'll be so surprised!
  6. fantasticalice

    "here's A Cookie You Can Give My Dog"

    Good job Mama!
  7. fantasticalice

    Spring Roll Wrappers

    http://comradechufood.blogspot.com/2009/12/winsor-dim-sum-cafe-boston.html# Some other things to do with spring roll...
  8. Sometimes I will use these to do something fun for my daughter. You CAN cook with these babies! Yep, you have to use...
  9. fantasticalice

    How Many Do Whole Foods Only?

    Nobody has to tell me it ain't easy doing it yourself but if you knew what goes into your food. It takes a LOT of JUNK...
  10. fantasticalice

    How Many Do Whole Foods Only?

    MOMS! Make your own! You can do it, it's really very easy. http://www.pickyourown.org/ketchup.htm
  11. fantasticalice

    Oatmeal Flour Instead Of Wheat?

    Tends to be DENSE! Really dense! I have found, if you toast the product 1st you get a better grinding result. IE...
  12. fantasticalice

    Grinding Chia Seeds

    Nutribullet http://www.nutribullet.com/ Don't buy it here! Bed, Bath & Beyond, $80 + tax to your door. Anything...
  13. fantasticalice

    Parchment Paper

    http://www.savoryhotpies.com/tag/parchment-paper/ Feeling behind the times....?
  14. fantasticalice

    Sourdough Bread And Fermenting Yeast

    Today I bought Ivory Teff tortillas(big ones)made by http://www.latortillafactory.com/products-6.aspx I also am buying...
  15. fantasticalice

    How Many Do Whole Foods Only?

    Convenience is the enemy! I feel way better w/o packaged food!? How do I do it? Nuts(I carry them around with me)boiled...