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  1. What a wonderful answer! Yes to all of it, I just had to log in to tell the above person they rock!!
  2. So very grateful for this thread! My 29 yr old daughter has suffered for years and this IS the year we get help! Only problem? It won't be from a doc. She also has suffered at the hands of STUPID doctors who act like God and know nothing about Celiac or HS. Because we have been on top of it has...
  3. Flying Apron Gluten-Free & Vegan Baking Book by Jennifer Katzinger
  4. Ya, so I went to the local health food store and saw the $8, ice-encrusted, SMALL loaf of bean flour. You play long enough on these sites and you pick up a lot of stuff. Not hard to get a bean to make bread. I know you want to sell bread. I hear you but there has to be a better delivery system...