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    • Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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Being Tested In 2 Days, But Wondering...

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My symptoms flared up Sunday night (it is now Tuesday night). The earliest my GI doc could get me in for an endoscopy is Thursday morning.

My symptoms (which on Monday included waves severe stomach pains, diarhea, loss of appetite, sudden weight loss) have died down.

Currently, I have the odd wave of stomach pain (usually jsut after I eat something), and still have little appetite, I still have diarhea and now I'm getting headaches and head rushes (where you black out momentarily when you stand up), and general fatigue. But the severe stomach pains are pretty well gone and my test isn't for another day and a half.

Will the endoscopy be useless to detect celiac disease if I'm not suffering from the stomach pains? If I still have diarhea, is that enough of a symptom for it to be detected?

I'm not anemic, so that isn't contributing to the symptoms.

Thanks so much for any advice!



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Im not an expert about it, but I would say if you have celiac disease it will show on the biospy. It does not neccessarily correlate with your symptoms. Some have celiac disease and don't even have major symptoms. Im sure as far as the test goes, you are fine. Just be thankful you are having some relief of your symptoms, and let us know what happens.


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