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    • Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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An Interesting Develpment...

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We have also had a little interesting thing happen. We gave our son lactaid milk as the family doctor said to hold off on milk till the bad diahrea stopped, well we are not supposed to be giving him juice according to the GI so we got the lactaid.. presuming the lactace enzymes are blown out of his system by the diahrea.. low an behold.. formed BMs... Every time... they are still not quite the right color.. they are sort of like potter's clay.. but it sure is an improvement.. SO perhaps lactoce intolerance?

I tried a week with no milk before and gave him soy milk..but back then it did not seem to make a difference.. not that I remember.. but I was probably giving him other things. He did get a snipet of his brother's baby bottle .. not sure if it has lactose or not.. but we are going to keep him on the lactaid for another few days see how he does then try regular milk again..

Knowing that the two problems often go hand in hand .. I really want to get a blood or stool test now for the IgG...



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