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Belize / Sun Dancer Ii

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Just returned from a SCUBA trip in Belize on the Sun Dancer II. No problems with gluten whatsoever. The cook, Jerry, had done meals for me on previous trips and did another great job this time as well.

Anyone interested in diving should consider a live-aboard option as opposed to a land-based one.


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    • Meredith, this is very true. A colonoscopy is for diagnosis of the lower intestine, endoscopy for the upper intestine.  How did your doctor interpret the tests? I suggest you read the link Cycling Lady gave you because it contains a lot of good information. 
    • Sorry, but this product (supplement) is not even certified gluten free.   Seems odd that a product geared to Non-Celiac Gluten Intolerance would not take the extra step of getting certified.   I guess I am a Nervous Nellie, especially after the reports that several probiotics were contaminated with gluten.
    • Thank you for posting that. I've had a lot of that bloodwork done and everything is normal. At the peak of this belly bug I had blood work done and my white count was fine. I think it's just my health anxiety scaring me into thinking this is something scarier (to me) than celiac. Maybe the anxiety will subside once I go gluten-free. The anxiety is brutal.
    • I see no mention of the use of tTg tests to indicate the presence of Chrohns     
    • I guess I feel like if it is celiac that's ok. I know so many people with celiac and I feel ok about it. But anything else terrifies me. I just read online that elevated blood tests can be from crohns and not necessarily  celiac. But I don't know how elevated they mean. I also don't know how common that is. I don't have symptoms of crohns aside from the intestinal issues. No pain, no elevated white count, no bleeding or anemia, my weight is stable. I just didn't know if the ttg-iga can detect crohns rather than just celiac.  I do think that my weird hives that I get upon scratching or brushing up against something could be related to celiac, if that's what I have. My PUPPP rash was miserable. I never related it to gluten and I don't know if other women with celiac have experienced that. My anxiety started right around the same time that my dermatographism started. I have keratosis on the backs of my arms and on my thighs. They come and go. After my last pregnancy the backs of my arms felt like sandpaper. I can't help but wondering if it's all connected. 
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