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    Thank you folks. I am going to eat gluten and have the endoscopy in 5 1/2 weeks. As you say Ranchers Wife, my GI is dubious about me having celiac so I guess I need to be in the best place for the test. I've lived with these dire symptoms for 18 months, what's a further 5 1/2 weeks. I'll then go gluten-free immediately and hopefully see improvement. Whether I am celiac or not.  My husband thinks I'm nuts and should continue gluten-free as he thought it was helping. But I have two kids and I
    I love something called Inotyol, it's a super fat ointment with zinc oxide among other things. Zinc oxide works a lot better on my skin than strong cortisone, especially inotyol. No side effects besides stains on fabrics. Often used on babies as diaper ointment.  It's like an extra layer of thick skin that cools and calms( perhaps the lavender oils work?) And protects. Waterproof too.  To get it on the entire body I usually mix it with some other oil, preferably camelia oil since it ki
    Hello all, recently I've learned that barley absolutely destroys me, whereas other grains such as wheat or oats do not affect me nearly as much. Does anyone know of any unique protein that barley possesses that the other grains do not? Thanks.
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