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Tiny Particles a Big Breakthrough on Celiac Disease Cure?

Celiac.com 07/07/2015 - Could proprietary antigen-specific nano-particles offer a potential cure for celiac disease? Early results are very positive, say a team of researchers.

Photo: Dr.FaroukIn what will likely prove to be interesting news for many people with celiac disease, Cour Pharmaceutical Development Company has announced "a significant breakthrough in celiac treatment [that] has the potential to cure celiac patients rather than relying on gluten avoidance, immune suppressive regimens or dietary supplements," according to a company press release.

According to the release, new data from a pre-clinical live animal study demonstrate a reversal of the effects of dietary gluten exposure in animals sensitized to gluten.

If true, their use of robust antigen specific nano-particle therapy could be a major breakthrough in celiac disease treatment.

A study conducted at the Haartman Institute of the University of Helsinki tested Cour's novel bio-engineered nano-particles, COUR-NP-GLI, in an animal model of celiac disease. The COUR-NP-GLI are Toleragenic Immune Modifying nanoParticles (TIMP) consisting of a safe proprietary polymer and antigenic proteins (gliadins). The antigens are fully encapsulated for safety and dosing is administered intravenously.

Once processed, the TIMPs control and regulate the auto-reactive T-cells, the primary driver of disease.

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Cour's targeted antigen-specific therapy has been successfully studied across multiple disease models including multiple sclerosis, type 1 diabetes, food allergies and now celiac disease. COUR-NP-GLI works by targeting a broad set of gliadin proteins found in wheat gluten, the class of antigenic proteins widely regarded as the main cause of celiac disease. Treatment with COUR-NP-GLI ameliorated symptoms of celiac disease even during gluten consumption.

The study team concludes that Cour-NP-GLI was safely administered via intravenous infusion, while
Cour-NP-GLI treated animals previously sensitized to gluten maintained normal body weight even during continued exposure to gluten containing diet.

Animals treated with Cour-NP-GLI showed significantly better duodenal biopsies results compared to non-treated animals. Cour-NP-GLI treated animals showed significantly lower inflammatory cytokines compared to non-treated animals. Overall, animals treated with Cour-NP-GLI showed comparable or better results than animals treated with a gluten-free diet.

The company presented data on Cour-NP-GLI at the 16th Annual International Celiac Disease Symposium, held June 21-24, 2015 in Prague, Czech Republic.

While there have been other claims made about potential cures, this is the first animal model demonstration of a treatment that effectively cures celiac disease. If these results hold up to scrutiny, and if successful treatments can be developed, this approach has tremendous potential to benefit numerous people with celiac disease.

Now, to be fair, much study, review, and consideration must happen for such a treatment to be developed, but it is exciting news, nonetheless.


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9 Responses:

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said this on
13 Jul 2015 7:07:55 AM PDT
The sad part of this is that it will most likely languish for years instead of propelling through testing and possible approval that could/would help millions of people worldwide.

Rating: ratingfullratingfullratingfullratingfullratingfull Unrated
said this on
13 Jul 2015 9:13:25 AM PDT
Messing with the immune system? What could go wrong?

Rating: ratingfullratingfullratingemptyratingemptyratingempty Unrated
said this on
13 Jul 2015 12:15:12 PM PDT
Helsinki, well if it pans out that's not too far to travel cause it'll never get FDA approval in my lifetime.

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said this on
15 Jul 2015 9:05:36 AM PDT
Go to the Cour Pharmaceutical website and read. The board of directors and CEO got their start genetically modifying corn at DeKalb Genetics, which they sold to Monsanto. The FDA and USDA are headed by former Monsanto higher ups. This vaccine will fly through approval so fast it will make your head spin. These are part of the most pro-grain, pro-chemical, pro-vaccine cartel that controls the world. Soon the government will be requiring this vaccine and everyone will be telling celiacs to get inoculated and shut up.

( Author)
said this on
15 Jul 2015 1:26:06 PM PDT
I doubt most conspiracy theories...

Rating: ratingfullratingfullratingfullratingemptyratingempty Unrated
said this on
22 Jul 2015 9:03:51 AM PDT
Not necessarily a conspiracy as you think of one, just capitalism, democracy and the American way (notice I left out "truth, justice"). I recommend you watch the movie "Bought".

Rating: ratingfullratingfullratingfullratingfullratingfull Unrated
said this on
13 Jul 2015 1:04:15 PM PDT
Happy to hear that $$ are being spent on finding a cure instead of all the talk about studies on why we react to gluten! Since I am not a youngster, I doubt that the tests, research and approval will come to fruition in my day. However, I agree with Namklak, messing with the immune system could backfire! Just like chemo, I'm sure it will correct the bad but in the process also harm the good!

Rating: ratingfullratingfullratingfullratingemptyratingempty Unrated
said this on
15 Jul 2015 8:13:01 AM PDT
Well, I see that the board of directors and the CEO got their start with the genetic modification of corn at DeKalb Genetics, which they sold to Monsanto. Yeah, I remember when I was renting a farmhouse in Illinois and the old schoolhouse and grounds next door where the little kids would play was suddenly silenced by the DeKalb sign and the whole schoolyard was ominously filled with their corn in 1976.

And I see it is written of one of the co inventors of the technology "His work has provided ground-breaking insights into virus-host interactions. His early work discovered the ability of viruses, like West Nile Virus to hijack cellular machinery to trick the immune system. More recently he has pioneered new understanding surrounding immune pathology observed in the brain after infection and during autoimmunity."

Yeah, this will be a combination of the viruses that are used in the development of GMOs to transfer the gene of any given species of any life form into another with the amazing and magical proprietary nanoparticles like they use in aviation and weather control, producing chemtrails full of aluminum nanoparticles that are being distributed in our soil, food and bodies. Together, they got together in the environment with all the excess plastics and produced Morgellon's Disease, but the government had Kaiser Permanente (of course they have no experience in nanotechnology or the use of viruses to transfer DNA) whitewash that whole thing.

And the research is being done at universities all across our country that have absolutely no experience in celiac disease. And of course there's no chance there is a neurologist with any knowledge of gluten ataxia or the immunological knowledge that the immune system in the brain is completely different from that of the rest of the body and is much harder to turn off. And the FDA and USDA are controlled by former Monsanto higher ups. Oh, and don't forget, the federal laws do not allow you to sue the makers of vaccines, and this qualifies as a vaccine! How exciting indeed!

But, the head of Beth Israel Deaconess medical Center is on the scientific advisory committee, who will be speaking in an NFCA webinar Tuesday July 24th.

Rating: ratingfullratingfullratingfullratingfullratingfull Unrated ( Author)
said this on
17 Aug 2015 12:23:27 PM PDT
"...like they use in aviation and weather control, producing chemtrails full of aluminum nanoparticles that are being distributed in our soil, food and bodies. "

Chemtrails? Weather control? Seriously? I don't know whether to laugh at you, or weep for you.

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Cycling Lady, LMAO at IBeStumped! So true. Yes, he is trying the band aid approach it seems. That's probably the most frustrating thing of all. So yesterday I get a call back from his office and they say to stop taking the Viberzi and switch back to Imodium! I reminded them that Imodium didn't work, I had already used it 8 days with no changes. His assistant informed me that that is all he can recommend at this time until he sees me at my next appointment which is 5/24! I live near Chicago and I am about to make an appointment to go to the University of Chicago hospital which is the top celiac research hospital in the country. Hopefully they can give me better answers.

7Hi jen and welcome No-one can diagnose remotely via nterwe posts but if there was such a game as celiac / gluten sensitive bingo, I would be calling 'House!' having read your account above... Lots of things fit the pattern as I'm sure your lurking has revealed. It's a tricky condition to diagnose however so you may have a little wait before you join the coolest club in town and get your funky celiac membership card For now it's really important that you stay on gluten. Keep eating it as accurate testing requires it. Ask your doctor to check the boxes for celiac testing alongside your liver blood tests. There should be enough in your history to get this without hassle but if they're reluctant INSIST and don't be afraid to assert your reasonable suspicion and wish to clarify and exclude. A good liver specialis will be aware of the possible links so you should be ok. If not gt second opinion. Ask for a full celiac panel as there are variety of tests. Find further info here There's a lot to take in, but be positive, I think you are on the right track and if so, you could soon be feeling better than you ever thought possible!

Hello, I am in a job that I travel every 3rd week...It gets challenging becuase many times I am doing audits of warehouses and they dont even have a cafeteria. I usually bring gluten-free protein bars as a back up if I have to miss a meal and then eat when I get back to the hotel. Just a suggestion because they certainly fill me up....Have a safe trip...Kelly

Hello all, I'm a new member here but have lurked for a while. I'm looking for some advice regarding my medical history, possible symptoms of celiac and next steps. General info: female, low level smoker, drink alcohol, aged 32. I started having bad gastro issues when I was around 17. Since then I've consistently suffered from chronic diarrhoea, frequent discomfort in the tummy area, feelings of dehydration despite drinking at least eight glasses a day and frequent fatigue for no real reason. In 2008/9 I visited the doctor as my diarrhoea was having an effect on my studies at the time. The doctor tested me for allergies; eggs, fish, gluten and lactose and did a "standard" blood test. Everything came back fine except my liver results, which were elevated to double (I did not the see the results for myself so can't say which enzymes etc). I was told to drink less and take Imodium. The doctor implied that perhaps I was stressed and / or anxious and, still being young plus a student who regularly went out drinking, I accepted this advice and carried on with my life. I would here add that I am not an unusually stressed person - in fact, learning to deal with my unpredictable bowels has forced me to be quite a laid-back person! Fast forward to 2016. I had been living with my partner for two years by this point who had noticed my bowel habits and informed me that this was definitely not normal. He encouraged me to try out a gluten free diet since I was apprehensive about visiting a doctor only to be fobbed off with Imodium again. I did the diet as strictly as a newbie can for around two months before we set off travelling. During the diet I noticed that after a couple of weeks of extreme tiredness I felt quite a lot better - I kept a food journal at the time which showed that I almost immediately had diarrhoea once after eating an ice-cream, i felt bloated and unwell after an attempt to make oat muffins (maybe i didn't cook them very well though!) and I felt bloated and had diarrhoea after eating some fish fried in flour (We made a mistake in ordering them but I didn't want to complain). My partner also reported that my mood swings (which I admit can be a little unpredictable) were much better. Once we started travelling I gave up and ate what I was given as we were staying with friends etc much of the time. Toward the end of our trip I started to feel extremely tired, to the point of having to stay in for "rest" days, and my guts were very unhappy. I chalked it up to irregular eating patterns, too many beers and late nights in general. During the trip I also had an extreme hangover after drinking wheat beer. And, while of course I accept that any overindulgence can make you ill, I really felt that that level of hangover was quite out of the ordinary. Finally, I developed a strange lump under my armpit during this period. Now back at home, I decided to go to the doc and check out the odd lump under my armpit. The doctor was pretty confident that it was nothing to worry about cancer-wise but she ordered a battery of blood tests just to be sure. The lump is fine (good news) but the results showed elevated GGT, high-ish ALT and normal AST liver enzymes plus signs of dehydration in red bloods / higher (but not concerning) levels of white bloods. I'm scheduled to go back for another blood test to double-check liver function and discuss results - if it is again high she will send me for a ultrasound. Does this history chime with anyone here? I know that the correct course in basic health terms is to stop drinking for some time (easily done) and stop smoking forever (easy to say...) but I cannot help but think that something else is going on here. I will discuss this with my doctor and make clear that my bowel issues have not been resolved and that the initial IBS diagnosis wasn't based on any thorough testing so to speak. In the meantime - does anyone have any advice for me in times of avenues to research or experience of similar symptoms? Gluten remains in my diet but in all other respects it could be regarded as very healthy, I think anyway... (pescatarian, plenty of fruit and veg, little to no sugar on a daily basis, not much dairy to speak of...) Thanks in advance and sorry for bending everyone's' ear about this... I guess it's just taken a long time for me to admit I might be sick and I need some help. Jen

Wish I could give you a hug. Unfortunately I know how that feels with Neurologists, Internists, Endocrinologists, Rheumatologists, GIs..... I got so tired of crying my drive home after refusing yet another script for Prozac. I do hope your GI can give you some answers even if it is just to rule out other possible issues. Keep on the gluten and we are here for you.