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Yvonne (Vonnie) Mostat, retired RN, Freelance Journalist

After a lifetime of celiac disease and dermatitis herpetiformis I have had the most difficult Summer ever. So I started with the pantry, where we have a side for me "Gluten Free". This can be good if someone does not put a box of gluten crackers on my side of the pantry, like a teenager!  I also reminded myself at ...

Is Breyers Italian Gelato Ice Cream Gluten Free?

I e-mailed Breyers Ice Cream Consumer Service Department last week to ask if their very decadent and delicious Italian Gelato (ice cream) was gluten free. It is more expensive, definitely creamier, contains more calories which I need, but Oh so good! I received a very nice e-mail from them two days later: &#...

Let's Talk About It

GOOD FOR THEM! The Gluten Free Watchdog is really working for the Celiac Community. Gluten-Free Oat Production is into the stage of "Purity Protocol vs Mechanical or Optical Sorting". They ask us if it is important to us, and of course it is. I love oats and have been severely restricted from eating them. My specialist s...