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Bgf, Creep Shield, And Bone Edges



Funny to realize that going "against the grain" for years has opened my palate to foods I never would've enjoyed BGF (before gluten free). Baked goods with nuts. I liked some nuts BGF, but never baked into stuff. Now, I love Pamela's ch.chip cookies with walnuts and Trader Joe's Flourless Chocolate Walnut cookies, which taste more like brownies to me. Even when I bake my Namaste or The Craving's Place brownies, I put walnuts on top! I even made green beans with sliced almonds. I like Almond Joy candy now. And honey nut Chex? I never liked Honey Nut anything, but now I do.

BGF, I liked Cream of Wheat cereal, Frosted Mini Wheats, Rice Chex, Post Raisin Bran, and Honeycomb. I liked lots of more sugary, less fibery cereals, but I wouldn't eat them. I should've while I could! Reese's and Cap'n Crunchberries, Cookie Crisp, Apple Jacks, Fruit Loops. It's been so long, I can't even remember.

I should've eaten more of those big, strawberry-covered restaurant waffles. And danishes. And pastries. Apple turnovers. Cinnamon rolls. I should've had a chubby year, where I gained 15 or 20 lbs., but just ate yummy grubby stuff every day.

I am going to put in an order to Celiac Specialties, asap! I better go to the gym b4 it arrives!

I wish I could stretch my palate to enjoy naturally gluten-free stuff like cheesecake (w/o crust), creme brulee, tapioca pudding, and meringues. I hate that stuff. As my 8 yr. old self used to say:Grody!

btw, I got glutened at sushi. Must be cc. I wish I'd at least have eaten something like cake.

As far as dating goes, I still go out dancing with Twin Abs: he has twin girls and six pack abs. We go to our favorite spot where there are always live bands that play a variety of dance hits from Fergie, to Michael Jackson, to Stevie Wonder (so it's worth the hour drive for him), and it's a blast.

However this night began badly because our habit is to meet each other there (my preference-so there's no awkward moment where he drops me off and tried to get invited in) , but for the first time since Dec. when we met, he wasn't there.

This is our first bump in the road. I was stubborn and texted him that I was there and I wasn't taking my phone in-I don't want to keep checking the phone and waiting for him, I'm the type of chick whose determined to have a good time regardless- The band is really good. The singer is an energetic Asian chick with long silky pigtails and a powerful voice. And so a skinny gray-haired guy in a pale yellow suit asked me to dance, and I said yes (I will dance with almost anyone who asks respectfully). I'm pleased that he's a good dancer, and it's fun to get the quizzical looks from people at the "odd couple".

So, song after song, YellowSuit asks who I'm here with and I tell him that my date hasn't come, and he laughs. More songs go by, and YS periodically singsongs "He's not coming." and laughs. I'm surprised that it actually hurts my feelings. And I stoically reply, "Yes, that's the end of him." And I realize I am sad and wish my date would come, and this is the second time in my life that I've been stood up...but try to distract myself with dancing and good music. As we walk off the dance floor, up walks Twin Abs.

Suddenly, I'm a tad embarrassed by YS's attire, and am surprised to sense some jealousy/annoyance from TwinAbs, but he doesn't say anything. I say to YellowSuit, "This is my friend I told you about. Nice meeting you." and he leaves.

Anyway, TwinAbs loves to dance, even when the band goes on break and the DJ puts on a salsa, he'll pull me out there. Women give me the evil eye (since he's so hot, I guess) and yuppy men with their dates/wives sneak a peek at me as we walk by. Usually I hate that and get nervous about needing to brush them off, but with him it's fun. Why? because Twin-Abs doubles nicely as an impenetrable creep-shield! The gawkers have this look... like they would never have the balls to...His good looks are intimidating, and I like it. And he is so nonchalant and not attention-seeking. He wears a baggy shirt and a jacket the whole time...meaning that I'm the only one who knows there's a washboard under there! And I'm sneaking rubs of him, where usually it's my dance partner who's the touchy-feely one.

He's also a great listener (he takes me out on the patio there to talk where it's quiet) and a total yin to my yang, but I have a feeling he has more baggage than he lets on. Like ex-wife drama, or maybe he's not fully exed from her yet. I relish the feeling that we are each other's escape from reality. With us, there is nothing heavy. Just bliss in the air, euphoria,genuine smiles, caresses, sexual tension, phermones and endorphins and kisses and hugs and intense eye-locking. I am not in any danger of falling for him, so ignorance has been bliss since Dec.

I still hang out with my Travel Buddy. Lately, we've been cooking dinner for each other and then cuddling to cheer on the Lakers. He massages me, rubs my tendonitis wrists and it's extra comfy at his place since he is just as gluten aware as I am and won't let me lift a finger.

For my tendonitis, the physical therapist didn't give me exercises yet. She massaged the wrists and then had me do the parrafin wax dip! Oooh, that stuff is amazingly good!

When the doc put up my xrays, he shouted, "Wow, you have nice bone edges!" I'm like, what? Anyway, I said that's great because lotsa celiacs have early osteo. Funny doctors.

Thursday's Menu:

Breakfast: I'm on meds for the tendonitis, so I have to eat to avoid nausea, so I grabbed some Rice Chips in the car. Santa Fe flavored. Kinda odd. And I don't like rice chips much. Ahh well.

Lunch: A lady at worked catered a lunch from Juan Pollo. I took a risk that there wouldn't be broth injected or marinated in the chicken, skipped the rice (it looked yellow-like with broth), and ate corn tortillas with the chicken and salsa inside and beans. Yummy, but I was still kinda hungry and eyeing the potato salad and rice.

Dinner: Laker night: TravelBuddy made me Hebrew National oven baked hot dogs with Wendy's chili on top of gluten-free Kinnickinnick bun and I brought over corn on the cob. Almond Joy and Raisenets for dessert.

Friday was the last day of school, and lots of cake and goodies all over. Seeing all that yummy stuff and skipping lunch, I pledged to go home and baked a gluten-free Pantry chocolate cake. One slice I frosted with milk choc. Duncan Hines, the other I covered with strawberries and whipped cream. It was three o'clock and I was starved, so lunch and dinner were one mega-meal of 2 reheated tacos and rice (and a grilled cheese sandwichas the cake baked)and a one inch cube of coconut pudding (I'm afraid it'll go bad b4 I eat it). I was actually stuffed, and didn't eat the rest of the night!


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