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Coeliacs Are Special.



Coeliacs are special.

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Not better or worse, superior or inferior.


Just special. 'Set apart'.


Many of us had an education based on western european cultural derivatives: sit forward, face front, 'we' have all the answers.

[note: for those easily offended, I say 'culture'. A cultural is not a race. It is my opinion race is a synthetic designator designed to separate people, much as religion, football clubs, nationalities, etc - who cares?]

But why this education, and not others?


And why such a heavy emphasis on bread in the unscientific, according to those that developed correct models and were dismissed, 'Food Pyramid', as part of that education?


I remember a story related to me, by an old wizened man with long grey hair, so long it went down to the ground. He said to me: "there were once missionaries who went to the tip of south america, where they found a tribe who habitated in half-buried houses, formed to allow the wind and weather to sweep over."

"The missionaries had them build wood houses that stood up, and fed them a high-carbohydrate diet." I asked him what happened to them?

"The next season, they had all died from exposure and lack of fat in their diet."

But I guess the alleged missionaries were happy, because the 'uncivilized tribe' members accepted the religious beliefs and acted on them.


A Coeliac, or someone who accepts grain-intolerance as real, is someone who has walked down the road of the 'uncivilized tribe' for awhile, didn't like it, and turned back before dying. It doesn't matter then, that the executives of the FDA Corp altered the food pyramid based on what the shareholders* wanted. The beliefs are accepted, and no longer acted-upon.


A grain-intolerant had to step out of the free edu-dumbification 'we have all the answers' paradigm and come up with real answers and questions to ask themselves. For those that may believe, as many north americans with some degree of western-european derived culturalizations do, that the mere issue is a four-walled school-room and a limited ('qualified') teacher who can only repeat what some university deans have handed down to professors, some executives of the National Education Board inc have decided, or 'Insert Regional Teachers Board Inc directors here, and numerous media outlets, plus 'qualified doctors' (a restricted actor who adulterates)', all with the same policy,


There are far too many coinciding factors for it to be called anything other than an open agenda.


When something is that obvious, it doesn't make one feel smarter for seeing it. Only more open-minded, and open-hearted. I think those are good qualities, do you?




* (aside note: someone who acts or claims to be a citizen is not a shareholder, they are equivalent to an employee, and they take orders, not give them, if you are wondering why people whom you claim to be your boss, don't listen to complaints, except when it suits them).



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