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Lunch Meat

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So my all time favorite lunch meat is Ham... or rather WAS. Now, I've discovered that ham does me in. After eating it, my reflux/esophagitis acts up. Can't swallow very well, mostly is what happens when I eat it... Feels like its stuck in my throat.


Problem is, ham pretty much is my default lunch meat. I like sausages like salami or pepperoni too, but they are WAY too spicy. I HATE Turkey and chicken, way too dry. But ham... mmmmm. Not worth the inability to eat after though.


However, I did discover, thanks to my Mother in law, who discovered it from my sister-in-law, HUMMUS is amazing on sandwiches. And this girl LOVES cucumber sandwiches, despite the fact they are not that filling. However... Hummus and cucumber? Now THAT's the way to go! (On corn tortillas. YUM)

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