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Cut Out The Extras And Get The Enzymes!

Celiac Ninja


That's exactly right!

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Meat, rice and vegies.


The only extras were the ones that I knew and tested before and still feel confident about; Silk coconut milk (for my calcium/magnesium/etc), CeliAct vitamins and my MRM gluten enzymes.


*I added my Rice cheese later, kept up with the Waluby Greek yogurt and drank water from the tap. Then the Rice Dream Organic vanilla ice cream.


There were slip ups of course:

#caffeine- I am totally allergic! Symptoms never fail.

# not rinsing off my mouth at night to get a drink of water (working off the fact that my husband goes to bed not gluten free and the pillows do roll about, meaning gluten is probably on my pillow, not to mention the million times I run my hands through my hair.) ;)

#not washing my hands enough while making pie crust and filling.



* Here's a good study for someone. "The proper method to gluten free baking preparation" ;) Get ALL your ingredients out on a clean counter first! Open everything second. Measure everything in proper bowls/containers third. THEN make sure your hands are super clean to touch ingredients raw. ?

I'm sure there is a better order but that's where I keep running into problems.


My gut is doing great on the basic diet with just a few trust worthies added.

Also changed my toothpaste from Tom's to Now Solution's Xili White and the mouthwash by them as well. Found on Amazon, not too expensive and is better for my teeth (got some trouble ahead for the teeth here). :S


My working environment is kids, and care taking. Exposing me to a furry of flying little fists at my face and making an elderly woman whole grain wheat toast for her snack. :s Yuckies! But oh well.



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