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Gluten Free Battle Is Up Hill, But I Can See The Sky From Here

Celiac Ninja


Obviously I'm not good at titling my blogs, lol, but the latest events of the Gluten Free struggle is what I'm posting here.

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I've forgotten about my thyroid. Conveniently I'm sure, when I was diagnosed with non-hodgkins lymphoma, I put off dealing with the nodules on my thyroid for years. It's been 9 years. I think I was hoping getting gluten free would cure them. But they have been super active, being I am easily swayed into stressing out over things and consuming sugar to supplement the need for energy and happiness. So those last two have changed. I no long consume mass amounts of sugar to cope for either energy drain or depression.


After having two kids and hormone failure, according to the natural path and laboratory blood tests, I noticed my neck would get a cold rush. My grandma who has had her thyroid operated on let me know that was a thyroid storm. I did some research through various websites that are trustworthy and then remembered I had had nodules that I never did anything about. Great. So here come the iodine drops. For a normal healthy thyroid they recommend one drop three times a day. I add one drop under the tongue if I feel the thyroid storm and if my neck feels like its swelling with pressure.


The pressure in my neck was getting strong enough to give me headaches everyday. My eyes felt pressure, my neck, my ear rang and my headache would sometimes turn into a migraine. I was one cranky mom. Burnt out by noon and exhausted! By nighttime I was aching for bed, fell asleep with the heater on my feet. But with kids, it's an up all night whenever they needed me. Kids cry from wet diapers, lots pacifier, tangled in their bedding, fall out of bed, thirst, hungry, night terrors, you name it. Not much rest for the weary. Not for mom's anywhere I'm sure.


So after 2 1/2 months of iodine drops, lowered sugar (very low sugar) except this last week (I splurged on gluten-free cookies) my headaches are down, ear ringing is down, pressure in eyes and neck are down, mood is better. Except when glutened of course. Never thought my thyroid would have such a different affect on me then celiac disease.

I am I search of a doctor who will get me an MRI, I figure I might as well check up on some other stuff as well as the thyroid, like the digestive system, the 'dead zone' where the tumor was in my chest (tumor was 4.5x5 inches). Might as well sweep the whole thing hahahah!


That's as far as I've gotten on this little issue. Hopefully I can see a doctor. The only thing I'm feeling concerned about for time frame is the lymph nodes swelling under my jaw line and a bit in my neck. I'm hoping it's just a cold going through but it might not be.


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have you checked for goiters

they say it is because of lack of iodine

but you may have difficulty processing iodine

really though I'm not a doctor

but I would get my thyroid scanned to see what is going on

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