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Excessive Exhaustion, Possibly Cancer Again?

Celiac Ninja


A lot has happened since I last blogged.

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There are obivous reasons for me being tired; I have two kids under the age of 3, I'm a celiac, I've got hypoglycemia...yadda yadda.
There are not so obvious reasons; chest pain at night, ache down the arm, lymphnodes swollen up neck (Cat scan confirmed), noduel on thyroid (cat scan confirmed), scar tissue in left cerebral hemisphere (MRI scan).


My only concern is the swollen lymph nodes. The experience with lymph nodes was non hodgkins lymphoma.
I seem to be an angry bear when I eat or drink sugary stuff. My neck seems to swell up more too. I get a head ache or migrane or am generally not with it.


I had an frightening experience the other night, I don't know how it's related to the majority of the postings, but I woke up 2 hours after sleeping and the bone in my forearm was numb. The skin, the muscle was normal but the done inside was totally numb. The are ached real deep, so I just kept moving it like it were a normal numb foot or hand experience. After about a while it got better so I laid back down. I had been sleeping on my stomach with my head turned to one side. I don't normally sleep like that.


So...my diet has changed based on those responses. I'm cutting the sugar way down. The sugar I get is from the Silk brand coconut milk (original flavor). I eat fruit, have organic gluten-free corn flake cereal. I'm just really wowing you now aren't I. lol I sure miss sugar. But it does not make me feel better. Not at all.


I'm taking:
gluten-free Women's NutriGold multi vitamins
Swason's copper supplements with vegetable glaze (glaze keeps me from throwing them up)
EnzymeScience Intolerance Complex
Country Life's Ginseng Supreme Complex
Vitamin K supplement when I need it


*I need to have a regular exercise. It needs to be every week so that my system has time to work out junk in my lymphnodes. Drinking water and stressing out around the house or sitting on my rear doesn't flush the system like exercise does.


Note: it is overwehlming to talk to doctors about my health history. They ask too many questions, I provide too much information. Makes for a depressing day for both people.
There is no instant cure. It takes time, experience, knoweldge and lots of prayer.


"Keep showing me Lord, I don't want to fall behind. You are my Great Healer, you'll get me there at the right time. Amen!"


With more thought to this entry; I'm going to look up some various things that could be linked to the experiences with sugar and the arm bone falling asleep as well as my exhaustion.
There is a possibility that I have leukemia. I'm appearing to have a majority of the symptoms except the blood test for white blood cell counts and the bone marrow test. I've had a bone marrow test back when I finished cancer treatments at the hospital, they warned me I would need to have a bone marrow transplant if I had to do chemo again. No thanks.


I'd like to do what I can that is provided here on the earth and trust God for healing if He desires to heal me. There could be greater reason for me to suffer and bear my cross than just "find a cure! panic..." that's just futial. What's the purpose of a story that's helps educate others and build their faith if everyone found healing from mankind in the hospital? Hospitals have not always existed, neither have doctors. God has. So let's utilize His healing power and seriously show up this world's view of "cure".



Recommended Comments

Making additions to my supplements today.

Celiac's are low in selenium. Selenium is a super antioxidant and can do many more good things for health. I'm taking 100 IU in the morning and 100 IU in the evening. The Vitamin E that helps selenium absorb is in the mail! :D

I am concerned about leukemia because I take iron drops to get my period to come. Otherwaise it is a dry barren wasteland with angry menstral emotions. Not a good combo, there is no relief without the 'flow'. I am consistant and well with only one menstral cycle a month thanks to the hormone creams. I take them as instructed on the containers, they are the best I can get on the market. They make me feel balanced and femenine. Without them I am a nightmare.

SO my biggest concern is:

bruising easily

very low on red blood cells (anemia)

white blood cells are obviously not doing their job (celiac)

repeated adrenal fatigue (by two hormone and cortisol tests)

dizziness, nausea (my supplements are food glazed and taken with a meal so it's not them)


ache in my bones and joints

I'm STILL 120 pounds at 5'9" after 2 kids!

ARG! Why can't I have boobs too!




Breakfast gf certfied

selenium+vitamin E

Intolerance complex

ginseng complex


lunch gluten free


intolerance complex



dinner gf

Intolerance complex

Vitamin E+selenium


Licorice root tea certified gluten free (mine is a digestive aid tea that has licorice root in it so I drink 2 cups morning, 2 cups evening)

Going to add later after all this is settled in my system; alpha lipoic acid BAM! repair those stupid nerves! Tired of the tingling and numbness!

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