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May Update 2019



Well, may is Celiac Awareness month lol, so I am offering discounts at markets I am setting up at this month. I can say I am needing to adjust pricing some, I am getting $3 on an Omelet on a stick (Turkey Bacon or Sausage in the center with eggs cooked on it served on a stick) I am thinking of upping to $4 each and $5 at events. My Stir Fry is getting great reviews from those who try it, but it is a bad product price wise. I need to get $10-12 each to turn a good profit but am selling for $6-7. Wondering if I can push that?

Aside from the markets my health is random, I got a payment plan worked out with the hospital and doctors for that scope and did it anyway. God that put me in the hole and we learned nothing about the issue but some good news. Initial visual inspection the doctor said my UC had healed and was in remission and was amazed I could keep it in check with diet and alternative medicine (he was trying to push pills and RX on me before the scope insisting that was my issue) The endoscope showed my celiac was not flaring and no damage, and that no signs of chrons could be seen.  So pending the biopsies I am looking good. 

I did learn something interesting about my body and the fasting, my normal core temp is 101-104F the past few months. During fasting for the scopes and the purge my body temp was 95F. This leads me to believe that I have something going on with my diet. I am thinking it could be the pea protein,  or my high protein diet, in general, being heavy thermogenic in nature. I will try eliminating it next month and see but pea protein is so much easier to digest and cheaper than meat.-_-

I keep wishing I had a fellow celiac in my home town around my age, someone more of a friend to invite over for meals.
I also wish I had someone to partner with on this food truck concept. I am finding it very difficult to come up with the initial starting money and with a nonexistent credit score (never used credit cars, loans, etc) I can not get anyone to take me seriously in helping fund it. I am actually prepared to run it and not take a paycheck till the truck is paid off getting by like I am now. I just need a chance, to get out there, be useful, and get started.
You try emailing and asking for help from every celiac related and autism organization there is, all the local stores, then try every person who might have a interest in helping. -_-  It is honestly very depressing when you realize all your idols, all the people you look up to, all the big names and companies...NONE OF THEM CARE. All that crap about helping is all just show, they really do not do any of that and it is all staged.

Well hoping some light in my life comes along, just going to keep cooking, donating time to my church, and helping people enjoy food again with my cooking. At least I have a purpose.



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