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tredart Introduction



Hi. This is about how I fought to get my energy back and live my life again. Before I began a glutin free diet, I was almost incapacitated with fatigue, but now, five years later, I feel strong and am able to live my life. I can't say I'm 100%, and I still have bad days, but nothing like the days I spent lying on the couch, too exhausted to answer the phone. Today, a bad day means I'm tired early in the day and have to pace myself, rather than at the end of the day. I had all the markers for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, but was told there isn't anything that can be done. Avoid stress. Yeah, right! I eventually went to a naturopath for fatigue and stomach problems, and he recommended a Glutin Free diet. "Just give it a few weeks and see how you feel." Within two weeks, my stomach pain was gone. Just like many people, as long as I watch my diet, my digestive system works great. Sometimes I have nausea, which I attribute to a damaged system. The fatigue took a lot longer to improve. A year. Most of the time, I felt like I had the flu: aching, tired, wanting to sleep... But slowly I began to spend less time on the couch. Going to the market didn't wipe me out. I was tired, but not overwhelmed with exhaustion. Another year passed, and I began to exercise again. Slow at first. Some walking, then farther... stretching, and eventually sit ups and push ups. I started Pilates, began dancing socially again, and now can walk 5 miles without "paying for it", ie: dropping from fatigue for the next two days.I can't say I'll ever be Lance Armstrong. But just being aware of my body, her limits, her needs, eating right, and pushing the envelope just a little, have really helped. I feel normal today, and stronger than I have in years.That's the story in a nut shell. I'll write more specifically about walking, and learning to figure out my limits.


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Taking B12 may help with your fatigue.

My 21 year old daughter was chronically fatigued. We finally had her blood tested last year and the doctor said he'd never seen such a low B12 result. He gave her a series of B12 shots that helped immediately. Now she takes a maintenance dose orally. Remember that the gluten has been inhibiting your nutrient absorption all this time so you may not have enough B (in addition to other vitamins and nutrients). If you are very low on vitamin B for an extended period of time, it can cause neurological damage.

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