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nurse diesel Introduction



Greetings, All. I hope this finds you well. I'm halfway into my 2nd year of my Celiac diagnosis. My story is much like yours. I was sick as a dog, dropping weight, and suffered with unrelenting bone pain and fatigue. I was fortunate enough (unlike some of you :( ) to cross paths with a GI doc who suspected Celiac from the start. From there, I struggled with depression and deprevation regarding the dietary restrictions, ate way too much rice, gained back the weight plus some in a place I NEVER had it before :angry: , and now have come to a (mostly) peaceful cooexistance with my body. I work hard to keep Celiac from being the defining feature of my life. I don't always succede, but I'm hoping I can share a bit of something from my life that encourages or educates or tickles one of you out there adrift in a similar boat. Nurse Diesel[Well I better learn how to swim, 'cus the crossing is chilly and wide"...I.G.


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Hi Nurse Diesel,

I, too, am in my second year. What struck me about your comments was the part about your weight. I have always been slim... and am still about the same weight as before a gluten-free diet; however, within the first year of the new diet, I added a layer of fat on my stomach. I've always been active and work out about 4X/wk... but the fat has decided to stay there! I wondered if it had anything to do with the diet... or retaining nutrients. The dietary restrictions themselves don't bother me much, but having to play detective about food really does. What symptoms do you get when you ingest gluten? It's strange to me that no one seems to have the same reactions. How can that be? I think we have to be careful not to blame every glitch in the system on celiac disease. Thanks for your comments.

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