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Celiac Disease Doctor Listing

In this category are doctors from around the world that have been recommended to as being particularly good with regard to diagnosing and treating celiac disease. We cannot personally vouch for these doctors. Note that they are broken down by country.

    United States - Doctors

    United States - Doctors

    Portugal - Doctors

    Dr. A Mendes Ant¢nio - Pediatrician Hospital Pedi trico 3000 Coimbra Portugal Jorge

    Ireland - Doctors

    Professor Ciaran McCarthy The University College Hospital Galway Galway,

    Finland - Doctors

    Markku Maki, M.D., PhD - Pediatric Gastroenterologist Institute of Medical Technology Univ

    Chile - Doctors

    Julio Espinoza, M.D. President of the Gastroenterological Branch of the Chilean Pediatric

    Canada - Doctors

    Alberta Dr. R.N. Fedorak, M.D. - Adult GI University of Alberta Hospitals Edmonton, Albert

    Brazil - Doctors

    Dr. José Galvão Rua Marechal Câmara 350/701 Centro/Rio de Janeiro Tel:

    Belgium - Doctors

    Dr. Baert (gastroenterologist) H.Hartkliniek, Kwadestraat 16, 8800 Roeselare Dr. Dep

    Austria - Doctors

    Maximilian Ledochowski, M.D. Anichstrasse 17, A-6020 Innsbruck, Austria Tel.: ++43-(0)51