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Almost There

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Well we are one week away from my little guy's endoscopy, got the babysitter lined up got a lot of chamomile tea to calm my nerves!

The one problem is.. hehe. he is not eating the bread!!!!! ugh he's on to us!

hehe I can't even get him to eat the crackers.. so I got to get creative..

What can I give him?

M&Ms have dextrin..heheh. seriously anything that would be euquivilent of a half peice of bread.. any more than that and we are all up all night!

mabye I will just get some plain old cookies..

we shall see!


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oohhh poor little one! They are smart aren't they!

What about pizza, pasta, cookies-you mentioned, waffles with tons of syrup. Worst case, I'd even consider bread with peanut butter and M&M's for bribery. I guess as long as enough bread goes in, who cares what it was topped or coated with!

Best of luck for the biopsy!

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Pizza does work. I'm going to whip up a batch of one bowl brownies.. the ony problem with that is I will want to eat them!!!

Little Mr. onto us would not eat anything yesterday that we tried to give him with wheat in it!!! No crackers, no bread no noodles!!! He is tooo smart for a two year old!!!

Now he is sitting there looking at his regular waffle covered with syrup!!!

Well the only good thing about this is that he slept through the night last night!!!

He even fell asleep in my arms!! cutie!

Thanks for the pizza ideas! Plain old bagels might even work too.. and we will go ahead and let him have a donut at church this week!

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