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Tidewater Area (virginia)

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I am going to move to the tidewater (virginia) area next month.

Does anyone know a good PCP, gastrodoc, and pedetrition?

Or any other doctor that might come in handy?

Thank you.

April 2006 diagnosed with gluten sensitivity (enterolab)

June 2006 daughter (Anna) diagnosed with gluten sensitivity (enterolab)

earlier standard blood tests were negative for both of us

Secondary food issues (manja):

corn, nightshades (tomatos, potatos, peppers, eggplant), dairy, bananas (getting better), caffein, grapes, cranberries, nuts, baking soda, salt, sodium and sulfites

Hashimoto disease (Levoxyl: no soy, no walnuts)

improvements since April 2006:

no constipation or bloating

no backpain

no kneepain

no loss of balance

no ear pain

no brainfog

less tired

less muscle pain


some tiredness, dizziness, words don't come to my mind quickly enough

only eating a few veggies, fruits, meat, seafood, eggs and olive oil

(no eating out, only naked foods, strict mealplan every day, food diary)

works out great so far :)

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