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For The Newly Diagnosed

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There have been several posts lately from some of the newly diagnosed among us who have been advised by their nutritionists that Corn Flakes are gluten-free. THEY'RE NOT.

I hate to burst bubbles here, but it seems that the nutritionists are NOT up to speed on what is and isn't gluten-free!

Please make sure to read ALL labels, and remember, it's not enough to just look for wheat ingredients. We also need to avoid ALL gluten, which is also in rye, spelt, barley and oats (unless you buy special gluten-free oats). For a full discussion of oats, see the article at celiac.com.

Anything that lists malt in the ingredients is therefore NOT gluten-free, even if it doesn't specify barley malt (it is almost certainly made from barley).

Sorry! :(

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