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High Fiber Supplements,

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I recently had my first colonoscopy. Hip! hip! Hooooooray! No polyps or signs of cancer. However, the Dx was diverticulosis (left colon greater than right). This Dx requires a high fiber diet excluding nuts, popcorn, corn, and seed( sunflower, pumpkin, caraway, sesame.) Considered harmless seeds are from tomatoes, zucchini, cucumbers, strawberry, raspberry and poppy.

Q1: I like watermellon. Are the small white seeds bad or safe to eat? The larger black seeds I spit out.

I am waiting for a recommendation from my GI Doctor for a gluten-free high fiber supplement. I'm bother by dirrhea/loose stool and frequent bowel movements.

The fibers available are as follows:

1) acacia

2) guar gum

3) methylcellulose

4) calcium polycarbophil (FiberCon is gluten-free, Equalactin is ??)

5) inulin

6) psyllium (Metamucil,powder & tablets are gluten-free; the wafers are not.)

Q2: Which of these type of fibers works better with a gluten-free diet?

Any input would be appreciated.

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Hi, I use Citrucel. It's a methylcellulose and says gluten free right on the label. I've used it for months now with no problem. I usually mix it with cran-raspberry juice and the protein powder I use - Jay Robb's Vanilla Egg White Protein. That generally by itself may not be enough, but mixed with some higher fiber foods it's fine. I include refried beans in my diet, and other beans are also high fiber.

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    Chances are if you have lumps on your body for years and the Dr. isn't concerned they're probably not lymph nodes. Chronically swollen lymph nodes would be something every Dr. would be concerned with.  Chances are you just have cysts ...
    It's different  for everyone, it can be a month or maybe a year. Most probably within a few months. This is assuming the symptoms are in fact related to gluten, which they may not be. 
    Hi Laura I'm so pleased you found answers.  This is very encouraging.  Seven years on from my own diagnosis I wish I could have some vitamin and mineral screening, I'm sure I'm still deficient. Cristiana