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Hi I'm new to this site. My 5 year old son, Ryan, is in the process of being diagnosed with Celiac. He had a blood test 3 months ago, and we found out today when we saw the GI doctor that it was inconclusive. That 2 of the tests were not valid b/c he has some protien in his blood that is on the low side and can effect the test. However, the 3rd one showed high levels and needed to be looked into. He did another blood test today and if the numbers are still high, he is going to do an Endoscopy and find out for sure if he has it or not.

So, when I was googling info about this disease I found this website. I decided to join to find out some info, so if he does end up having it, I can be prepared. Hope to meet other moms who have kids with it. :)

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