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Gpc- Conjunctivitis

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Hi everybody!

I have almost finished reading Dr. Green's book, "Celiac Disease: The Hidden Epidemic"-- I highly recommend it. It answers a lot of questions I had and explains about autoimmune diseases and how, if you have one (like celiac disease), you are likely to have others.

Which made me think.... at one point I was diagnosed with GPC-- giant papillary conjunctivitis (stage 4 with striations, whatever that means.) It was explained to me that this was like a type of autoimmune disorder where your body attacks its own proteins in the lining aound the eye and scars the tissue. I was told I could not ever wear contact lenses again. Green doesn't talk about this one at all.

I also have DH (which is how the finally figured out the celiac disease,) so I know I have the IgA deposits in my skin. Related?

So does anyone know if there is a link between the celiac disease and the GPC? Have any of you had this too? because I am hoping that if going gluten-free can actually reverse some pretty serious things (and Green says it can) then maybe one day I can wear contacts again.


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