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La Piazza In Nutley & Little Falls Nj ?

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I stumbled across a listing for La Piazza on NJ.com - "gluten-free" was one of its "cuisine types" listed! That restaurant is right by my house (I'm in Clifton) so I called and was told they offer a gluten-free penne pasta. The guy on the phone didn't sound like he knew much about it (and I was calling from work) so I didn't grill him for details.

Has anyone eaten at La Piazza? Are they well-trained ?? :) Apparently they have two branches - if you have eaten there, which one did you go to?

I'm excited, bc in my pre-Gluten-free Casein-free days we liked Casa Turano, which is the casual "pizza joint" branch of the restaurant right next door. It'd be awesome to have one or both of those as a quick-dinner option near home.

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Had a chance to check out LaPiazza in Nutley on Monday night. I had the linguine w red clam sauce made with the gluten-free penne. It was delicious, and the texture of the pasta was perfect. I was pleased to see the clams were served in their shells, not canned. It's not a dish I usually order so i can't compare it to other places, but I just couldn't get enough of the sauce. I actually cleaned my plate for once!

The service was a little... laid-back. It was a monday night, so I don't know if maybe the usual waitstaff wasn't around - seemed like the manager was the waiter. Honestly, I didn't grill him extensively (as I should have) about the food's gluten-free-ness, and I can't really comment on whether I reacted to it, because I was already reacting to something I'd eaten on the weekend. :P But I will be back again at some point, and hope to hear from anyone else who's eaten there.

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