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Lewis Labs Weigh Down Anyone Tried It?

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I am struggling with weight issues. I was doing very well in July with careful portions, good nutrition, and exercise. I didn't think I was being too stringent but as usual, fell off the diet. I find that when I get gluten from somewhere, part of my response is lose control over my eating. I become particularly out of control with sweet and salty foods. I saw an ad for a product made by Lewis Labs "Weigh Down" which is a supplement you mix with water or milk and use as a meal. I was thinking this might be a way to help me rein myself in, so I bought some and used it this morning. I freaked out when I realized it has oat fiber as an ingredient. I called them to ask if they test the oat fiber for gluten. The person who responded was not very reassuring as she did not seem to know what I was talking about, and then assured me it was tested and was gluten free. Anyone else used this product? I do all right with gluten-free oats.

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I also wrote Lewis Labs and this was their reply:

<<Thank you for contacting us with your concern about the oat fiber in our product - Weigh Down.

We've had this question before and the Lab., has assured us the oat fiber is gluten free.

Please see the answer below (in blue).

We hope this response is useful to you.

Thank you again.

Customer Service

Lewis Laboratories International, Ltd.

Oats have only a trace amount of gluten and the gluten portion is in the protein part of the kernel. Defatted Oat Bran is all fiber, no significant protein and is basically gluten free. The big offenders for gluten are wheat and barley products.>>

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