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I know that many of you in here have landed here in search of a reason for your pain, diarrhea, etc. (including me). If you have had a negative blood test for celiac or negative endoscopy, maybe look here. I came upon this article in our local paper last night. It's for a public lecture held at our university hospital. It sounds like something that has both American/Canadian connections, so it may be something you can research.

I haven't heard of this particular diagnosis, but the headline states:

Bad Bowels? Problems nobody wants to talk about: Consitpation, Diarrhea, Abdominal pain, Bloating, feeling of fullness...It goes on to say "imagine living with nausea or flu symptoms each and every day" - that's me...

This is a free lecture in my city (I'm in Canada) and if you visit the website you may get more information from there.

Good luck!


website is: www.digestivedistress.com

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