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? About Being Glutened

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I have a quick question. I started my gluten-free diet almost 4 weeks ago now. I just found out that the black bean burger that I thought was gluten free actually isn't, and I've probably eaten about 4-5 of them in these 4 weeks....I really haven't noticed a reaction to them (i.e., diarrhea and pain, which was my #1 biggest symptom). Has anyone experienced eating gluten when starting the diet and not having a reaction??? I did have one day where I had to rush to the bathroom in pain...so perhaps it could have been a cummulative delayed reaction??? Typically, I always suspected my reactions to be fairly immediate since after meals were torture for me.

Just curious in others experience. Thanks :)

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My doc said it is typical to have a delayed reaction to getting glutened. Previously when you were regularly eating gluten - you were probably regularly in abdominal distress. Without the gluten in your system - it may take a couple of days for your digestive & immune system to respond to the gluten.

Hope this helps!

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