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Gluten Intolerant But With Possible Withdrawl Symptoms

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Hi, I have been away from this site for months now.

I came back because my condition only seems to get worse day by day.

I suspected myself of being gluten intolerant about half a year ago and cut down the gluten consumption when my health dramatically improved. I suddenly felt energetic, positive about life and my skin condition improved noticeably. Before that, I knew I was lactose intolerant and had eliminated cow's milk and so on. Although after all this, knowing I am somewhat sensitive to artificial stuff, chemicals and preservatives, I avoided them but still there were stuff like nuts that almost made me dial for emergency.

I took an allergy test in June. (Not a blood test. It does not involve consuming allergens beforehand) Turned out all the suspected allergens were my actual allergies and intolerances. Gluten, lactose and many more are on my elimination list but since I had found out about them long after unknowingly consuming them, my digestive health was destroyed into a state other suppose to be me friendly food was rejected.

Ofcourse I was low in many nutritions like calcium and vitamins.

Though I am at a worse state right now as despite having been on many supplements since June, since allergies have not been eliminated.. I am more or less broken.

Gluten is the worst.

When consumed, it is the most painful but also the one I have hard time keep away from.

I do not live in a supportive family so I have to be super strong but often during my allergy free days, I feel so dizzy and miserable that I end up looking for gluten. Once a certain amount has been consumed, the dizziness, blurred vision and moodiness is lifted. But only for a while. Soon after symptoms occur and would last until the next day. The pain is so bad that pain killers are useless. Best is to sleep it off.

I prefer to remain annonymous but would like some advice or help.

How can I defeat what I recognise as withdrawl symptoms? Is it possible?

Few months ago, I had this unstoppable motivation but since few months ago, I feel weak and wonder what the point is. Because I have so many allergies, my food and activity list is very limited so everyday is a battle. I can not even go out for meals with friend or to have a drink at the bar. I seem to have lost aim in life.

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Sounds awful. I am sorry that your family is not supportive. My best advice is to cook your own food and go on the specific carbohydrate diet. I believe you start out by eating nothing but grilled chicken, rice and pears. Then slowly add other foods back in your diet. You have to be very slow about food introductions while your gut is healing.

I have eaten at restaurants (not fast food or bar food) with a number of restrictive diets over the years, I often ask for a manager and explain that I have dietary issues. I just create a meal for myself with the manager's help.

I would stay away from alcohol for a while, but when you start to heal, there are LOTS of options for the night out on the town. Hard ciders, gluten-free beers, and mixed drinks using hard liquor.

While you feel bad, these issues feel like the end of the world, but dietary restrictions are just that.....areas that you restrict to help get healthy. And when you start to feel healthy, cooking for yourself is not that big of a deal. My grocery bill is crazy high, but it has helped my health......can't put a price on that. I keep telling my fiance that I'm saving us money......on future medical bills. :)

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