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Hi all!!

We made it home about 6:30 pm CST and it is sooooo good to be home! I love Alabama but there is truly no place like home!!! :)

I am so glad that I did not cancel!! I did pretty good while on the road (it took us 11 or so hours to get there) had a few "close calls" while in Alabama. Today tho has been a different story. I have had quite a tough time with my "symptoms" we have been home 2 hours and I have had to "potty" 3 times already!! :(

I have not started the gluten free diet yet. I wanted to wait until after vacation. PLUS I have to go for my EGD/colonoscopy results on June 28th. I am kinda anxious to get my results.

I don't want anything to be wrong with me but it sure would be nice to know what is going on with me!!!

Everyone enjoy your weekend!!!

Take care & best of health........

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