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Lisa Kaye

Phila - Jefferson Univ Hospital Celiac Center

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I was dx'd two years ago with Celiac and have been followed by a very good GI doc, although she doesn't specialize in Celiac.

I read about Jefferson Univ's Celiac Center in the newspaper. Made an appt and here's a summary of what they did on visit one:

1. History & very brief exam, weight, height

2. Extensive questionairre completed for their research database

3. Blood work: They drew 20 vials of blood for various tests (to check for vitamin & mineral deficiencies). Thankfully I'm insured!

4. Prescription for nutritionist consult

5. Prescription for a bone density scan

6. Follow-up appt made to review lab findings

The specialist said their main purpose at the Center is to make sure every Celiac patient sees a nutritionist, gets a bone density scan, has bloodwork to find any vitamin/mineral deficiencies so patients can be supplemented properly. And finally, he said the most important thing I can do is get all of my 1st degree relatives to be tested. He recommends celiac patients be seen in the center annually.

I'm glad I went and am looking forward to getting the lab results. However, going to Philly is such a pain --no parking, traffic, etc.

And this Celiac Center is located inside the hospital and the center is under construction. Plus, they were understaffed in the receptionist area and borderline rude. The nurses and doc were very nice though. I was shocked how many people were waiting in the waiting room -- kinda comforting on some level (misery loves company?).

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