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Doctor Needed In Toronto

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Hi all,

So, my pharmacy poisoned me by giving me prescription medication with gluten in it by accident. I asked them to contact my doctor, and get another prescription. My doctor sent them a message back saying that I needed to go in to see her to get another prescription. I can't go until Tuesday, and I need the medication every day...

The pharmacy has been trying to reach my doctor all day, and I got the same reply: She has to come in to get them.

The pharmacy even explained that it was their mistake... they've given me enough medication for tonight, but told me to seek another doctor tomorrow. They said what she did wasn't really acceptable...and they hoped that she just didn't understand them. Due to the nature of the drug, it is possible that she is worried about addictions/me selling them on the street, but I told the pharmacy to tell her I'd bring them back AND see her on Tuesday.

So, I've concluded that I need a new family doctor; I want one that I can work with... not one that just lets me be glutened for a weekend. I wasn't able to get out of bed all week last week, and I was being glutened every day (even though I've been preparing ALL of my food organic/at home!!!).

So, I am annoyed.

Does anybody know of a doctor (preferably female) in downtown Toronto accepting new patients?

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I would love to be able to give you some "solid names" of doctors who are accepting new patients but unfortunately I just seek the advice of my endocrinologist usually.

I would think that your best bet is to search for 5 or 10 family health clinics in your area and call them to find out if any of their female doctors are accepting new people.

Hopefully this can help a little bit, and good luck!


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