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Hi guys,

I'm new to this forum and I've done enough research I guess to know the answer... but I wanted other's opinions before the testing. I will begin with my symptoms:

excessive hair fallout

extreme fatigue

excessively dehydrated

numbness/tingling - arms/hands/legs and feet


dizzy spells

the shakes

watery eyes

excessively irritable and emotional, leading to episodes of depression

skin discolouration (white patches on the top left and right corners and a white strip across the top of face)

black under eyes (had for years, since 13 that i can remember, but recently darker than usual)

blurry eyesight at times (i have bad eyesight anyway)

extreme weakness at times

chest pain under my left rib... had for a while but more chronic and more often over the last 6 months (doc says strain from feeding baby)

GDM in 2 pg's requiring insulin injections 4 x daily)

Cholestasis of pregnancy twice over (extreme itching from problem with bile acids in blood)

1 x abnormal TSH reading during pregnancy, but then next test was fine (apparently a lab error)

palpatations and abnormal heart rhythm (more prominent 2nd pg)

some constipation, other times the runs

on waking feels like every bond is ACHING

struggle to make it through the day with a 3 yr old and 9 month old to entertain ...

unreasonable sweating

Recent bloods showed the following:

GGT 52 (normal to 30)

ALT 43 (normal to 30)

both liver panels were normal post pg (bloods checked when in emergency for tummy pains so severe and turned out to be constipation. barely able to walk, i left the hospital being discharged...) no other abnormal liver panels and i don't drink much.

cholesterol: 5.5 (upper limit 5.4)

vitamin d 45 (was in 20's during pg)(limits 50-200)

vitamin b12 434 (range 180-740)

Red Cell Folate 1478 (<630, i believe i'm under the upper limit but no upper limit quoted here)

negative for current infection EBV or CMV

2 hour glucose: fasting 4.4, 1 hour: 5.6, 2 hour: 6.0 comment to say "please note the highest glucose result occurred at 2 hours. This suggests that glucose absorption may have been delayed" (I don't know what this means)

IRON Studies:

Serum Iron: 9 (10-30)

Transferrin: 33 (27-53)

Tras Sat: 14% (12-45)

Ferritin: 13 (15-165)

So I have an iron deficiency. However, WHY is my transferrin low????? From everything I've read it should be high in this situation ... :S

Current meds:

NEW (just started): Ferrograd C x 1 pday, Milk thistle x3pday, metamucil x2perday, fish oil x2pday, ostilin(VITD) (had stopped post pg when ran out) x3pday.

OLD: vitamin c x 3-6000mg perday (depends on how much i can tolerate eating them they are so gross), vitamin B megacomplex, stinging nettle tea (as often as i can drink it varying from 1 cup per day to 5)


I know I've been sensitive to carbs for a long time, I thrived on the Atkins diet and felt FANTASTIC but my hubs does the cooking so we eat his food now ..... high carb/glucose. I feel like crap.

1st pregnancy I began to itch the same time I took the glucose test and got the anti-d shot. I attributed itching to the anti-d shot. 4 weeks later i was diagnosed (this time i was yellow) with cholestasis of pregnancy. Delivered at 38 weeks and within a week was readmitted with bp of 170/110, my body was going NUTS. Turns out I got Glandular fever (and I found out at the same time i'd had it previously). The high bp went as quickly as it came. Treated myself for gluten-free and 18months-yrs later i felt ok again. (high qty's of vit c, gingko, vit B). i had massive hair loss then too post pregnancy.

Had second pg, began to itch without cholestasis at 12 weeks. Not diagnosed with Cholestasis until 28 weeks again, same time diagnosed with GDM again. This time my son born hypo. I suffered palpitations and irregular hb causing breathing problems. Vit D deficiency diagnosed. Felt great 3 months post partum, but gradually worse for the next 6 months until now with the above results and barely making it through each day and not leaving the house....

Previous history of chronic ear infections as a child, resulting in a cholesteatome being removed 3 yrs ago and a nasonectomy (sp?). Basically an ear rebuild due to a benign growth from an unrepaired hole in the ear and a repaired nose with complaint of sinusitis. Have sinusistis again now. :( Vulnerable for tonsilitis if not careful.

My kids: dd projectile vomiting for 12 months, suspected milk allergy undx. Chronic tonsilitis, grommets inserted at nearly 2 yrs age, but not tonsils removed due to growth rate slowing down. Now she is 3.5 and we've had a second set of grommets, adenoids shaved and tonsils removed, she is doing a whole lot better .. but has darkness under eyes now too (developed last 6 months).

DS: 9months old, eczema, allergy to ?? eczema cleared on moving away from mould and carpet. allergy tested for immediate reaction and all nil. delayed allergy confirmed to milk proteins. Constipation on prescribed milk and Pepti jnr so now on 100% organic milk that he tolerates better than the prescribed formulas.... :(

Just showing it might be flowing down. I know I've included alot here, but I'm thorough ... sorry for the novel. Appreciate any opinions and will answer any questions. Testing for celiac's and other problems will be Wednesday morning. I personally SUSPECT celiac and pancreatitis but yes, I would feel much better reading other's opinions too because DOCTORS ARE RUBBISH and i'm sick of knowing more than them!!!!!!!!!!!! THANKYOU IN ADVANCE.

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